Hillary: Destroy Coal Jobs, Looks to Bullock’s Record

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When Hillary Clinton said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” in a CNN town hall in Ohio last night, she should look to the work Governor Bullock has done to shut down our coal industry and put thousands of Montanans out of work.

Bullock’s standing by while Washington and Oregon pass legislation that will cripple Colstrip.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is about to sign legislation into law that pushes Colstrip closer to shutting down by paving the way to phase out all coal-generated electricity from Montana.

By the way, Bullock actually invited Inslee to raise dark money with him this weekend in Big Sky.

Montanans deserve to know if Bullock will ask Inslee to VETO this bill aimed at shutting down Colstrip.

Honestly, that’s expecting too much given …

Bullock didn’t lift a finger when the Governor of Oregon recently signed into law legislation that will eradicate coal from its power supply.”

Colstrip will be completely cut off from supplying both Washington and Oregon with an affordable and reliable energy resource- and this threatens its entire operation.

Bullock also bears responsibility for shutting down Otter Creek. His administration refused to issue permits that would have created 4,400 Montana job and generated nearly $100 million in tax revenue for vital infrastructure and school projects in our local communities. In fact, while serving as Attorney General as a member of the Land Board, Bullock voted against Otter Creek.

Remember when Bullock said Obama’s job-killing energy regulations wouldn’t shut down the Corette power plant? Well, Obama’s job-killing energy regulations did exactly that– Corette has been demolished, and with it 35 Montana jobs were eliminated.

This year alone, Montana lost nearly 200 jobs at our coal mines, railroad companies, and on the Crow Reservation because of Bullock’s job-killing energy agenda.

Bullock’s anti-coal, job-killing record could serve as a blueprint for Hillary’s War on Coal, and might even make him a strong contender to be her running mate.

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