Helena IR: Monica Lindeen’s No Show At Candidate Forum ‘Disrespectful’

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The Helena IR did not have kind words for Monica Lindeen today saying it was ‘disrespectful’ of her to not show up at a candidate forum after confirming she would be there. The editorial board noted that Monica Lindeen didn’t even bother to give much of an explanation and her handling of all of this ‘didn’t do much to engender the public’s trust.’

Monica Lindeen made the wrong call when she went back on her word and bailed on the candidate forum just like she made the wrong call when she said our health care premium increases were ‘too low’ and demanded the insurance companies go back and ‘raise their rates.’

Perhaps that explains why Monica Lindeen bailed on the candidate forum … She didn’t want to face the public scrutiny for the skyrocketing premiums she’s pushing onto us: The average premium increase next year for BlueCross BlueShield: 58.4%; Montana Health CO-OP: 30.7%; PacificSource: 27.6%.

An IR View:
Skipping candidate forum (09/23/2016)

Thumbs down

After confirming she would participate in Monday’s public forum in Seeley Lake, Montana Secretary of State candidate Monica Lindeen failed to show up.

This was supposed to be the first time the Democratic candidate and her Republican challenger Corey Stapleton would publicly face off. But partway through the forum, which also included a hodgepodge of candidates for several other offices, we received word that Lindeen couldn’t make it without much further explanation.

Admittedly, part of our frustration is personal, as one of our reporters made the 200-mile trip from Helena to Seeley Lake and back specifically to write about Lindeen and Stapleton, only to come back empty-handed. But we believe this was also disrespectful to the people of the Seeley Lake area who took the time to plan and attend the event, as well as all Montanans who were expecting to see news coverage about what she had to say.

Some scheduling changes are unavoidable, and Lindeen may have had a very good reason to skip the forum at the last minute.

Still, the way this was handled didn’t do much to engender the public’s trust.


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