Gov. Hypocrite ALERT: Bullock Blasts Dark Money in Aspen; Raised $4M in Dark Money

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Governor Bullock attended a Summer Policy Conference in Aspen, Colorado this past weekend as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), and participated in a conversation about the role of dark money in our political system. During this discussion, Bullock continues his hypocritical charges of railing against dark money while raising and spending this very same dark money to influence elections. Bullock’s remarks can be viewed here; quotes below start at 4:00.

RHETORIC: Bullock Calls for Dark Money Transparency

“If you want to spend money to influence the elections
just tells us where the check comes from.”

The voter ought to at least know who’s writing that check.


REALITY: Bullock Raises Over $4 Million in Dark Money

Bullock raised $17 million for the DGA in the first half of 2015 but he only disclosed around $13 million.

The remaining $4 million is unaccounted for and represents the amount of dark money Bullock raised so far this year.

Bullock refuses to reveal the sources and amounts of his dark money.


RHETORIC: Bullock Blasts Use of Dark Money Groups

Nobody knows who’s spending all this money because they do it through 501(c)(4)’s and others.”

REALITY: Bullock Uses Dark Money Group; Spends $1 Million to Attack PA Republicans, Boost Dem Gov

Bullock’s dark money organization has now spent over $1 million in attack-ads against Pennsylvania Republicans to help set-up his fellow Democrat Governor for re-election.

America Works has already spent more than $1 million on TV, radio and mailings.
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 07/26/2015)

Organizations are what the IRS calls 501(c)(4) entities — nonprofits that can engage in political activity without identifying donors, as traditional political campaigns must do. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 07/26/2015)

America Works USA is allied with the Democratic Governors Association, which like its Republican counterpart has used a 501(c)(4) to wage state battles across the country. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 07/26/2015)

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