Chairman Essmann Statement on AG Tim Fox’s Re-Election

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Helena, Montana – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party issued the following statement today after Attorney General Tim Fox filed for re-election:

“I believe having a strong Republican leader in the Attorney General’s office has had a positive impact for Montana and the country and is essential in order to protect our economy. Montana needs Attorney General Tim Fox to keep fighting against the Obama administration’s vast overreach and protect us from the abuse of power we have seen from this lawless president. You can always count on Tim to defend our property, our guns, and our way of life, and to fight for hardworking Montanans.”

“Tim has stood up and defended Montanans from President Obama’s unconstitutional water power grab- threatening the rights of farmers, ranchers, and all property owners- successfully pushed back against Obama’s ammo ban, achieved a critical victory against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, and is currently fighting President Obama and the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations that threaten to bring great devastation and harm to Montana workers, families, and communities.”

“We need Tim in the Attorney General’s office now more than ever to continue the fight against President Obama and all assaults from the progressive liberal agenda that threatens our Montana way of life.”


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