Chairman Essmann on Greg Gianforte’s Run for Governor

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Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today after Greg Gianforte announced he’s running for Governor:

“Greg enters the race for Governor as a successful businessman who grew his small hi-tech startup into Bozeman’s largest commercial employer and created hundreds of good, high-paying Montana jobs. Greg joins our impressive slate of strong conservative leaders running for statewide and federal office who are fighting to better the lives of hardworking Montanans.”

I am confident that the Republican nominee for Governor will go on to defeat Governor Bullock in November because Bullock has failed to lead on the critical issues facing Montanans. Under Bullock’s leadership, Montana continues to rank 49th in incomes which forces too many of our kids to leave home to find a decent job and raise their family. The livelihoods of thousands of Montana workers and their families are threatened by Obama’s job-killing energy agenda and Bullock is failing to fully stand up and defend these Montana jobs. Lastly, Bullock’s liberal record prioritizes more government– not creating good, high-paying Montana jobs and expanding opportunities for Montana workers and families.”

“Bullock’s campaign slogan should be: ‘Government First– Montana Workers Last.’”

“One advantage for Bullock’s re-election chances is that he spent the last two years as Chairman and Finance Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), jet-setting to out-of-state fundraisers raising millions of dollars of corporate cash and dark money for his own political benefit. It’s only a matter of time until this money finds its way into Montana to boost his re-election. Montanans deserve to know why Bullock spent so much time decrying and claiming to fight the influence of corporate cash and dark money in our elections, and then tried to hide his efforts raising that very same money. Bullock says one thing but does the other when he thinks Montanans aren’t looking. That’s not what Montanans want in the way of honest leadership.”


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