Bullock’s Actions Far Worse Than Hillary’s: Deleted ALL Emails

It has now been revealed that Governor Bullock destroyed all his official state emails while serving as Attorney General similar to how Hillary Clinton deleted her emails while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

Actually, Bullock’s actions are far worse than what Hillary Clinton did. She erased some of her emails. Bullock erased all of them.

They no longer exist” – That’s the official word from the Governor’s office when a freedom of information request was filed asking for Bullock’s email communications.

By deliberately engaging in the destruction of every last one of his public documents, Bullock violated the Montana Constitution and his oath of office:

The Montana Constitution clearly states, “No person shall be deprived of the right to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of all public bodies or agencies of state government and its subdivisions, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.”

This raises some very important questions: What’s Bullock’s motivation behind deleting all his emails? What’s he trying to hide or cover up?

In May, it was reported that Bullock and his staff “were using personal email accounts to conduct state business” a la the Hillary Clinton way.

Using a private email account, Bullock was able to conceal official state business from the public that would otherwise be subject to an information request if it had been communicated from his government email account.

Deleted emails …. Private email accounts … Bullock and Hillary’s actions run counter to the honesty and trust we expect from our elected officials.

Juneau, Romano Fail Montana Students: Less Than Half Proficient in Math, English

Montana released test scores yesterday for students in third through eighth grade and the results once again highlight Denise Juneau’s failed record as State Superintendent:

  • Only 41 percent of Montana students are proficient in math
  • Fewer than half of our students are proficient in English

This comes after last year’s horrible news that showed test scores declined significantly for fourth and eighth graders in math and reading compared to prior years.

Denise Juneau’s failed record should raise alarm bells, especially since she goes around touting herself as “one of the Common Core’s biggest supporters.”

And now you have Melissa Romano, another staunch Common Core liberal, running to be the next State Superintendent saying she will continue Denise Juneau’s legacy – her words, not ours.

See for yourself, Melissa Romano said: “plan on continuing Denise Juneau’s legacy,” and also declared: “I cannot wait to follow in Denise Juneau’s footsteps.”

For Melissa Romano to want to follow in Denise Juneau’s footsteps – where less than half of our kids are proficient in math and reading – speaks volumes to the utter disaster she would be for our children’s education if she wins in November.

Republican Elsie Arntzen will be a strong advocate for our kids, parents, schools and teachers as our next State Superintendent. She gets it: Montana students come first. Elsie will make sure they get the best possible education – where all Montana kids can read, write and do math.

The Juneau, Bullock Campaign Strategy: Lie to Win

Dishonest Denise is so desperate to win in November she has resorted to repeatedly telling outright lies about Ryan Zinke’s public lands record. Don’t expect Denise Juneau to apologize for her misleading claims at her public lands rally this morning. These false attacks from Dishonest Denise, Governor Bullock, and the Montana Democrat Party are all they have to offer because they believe they can only win by deceiving and lying to voters about their opponent’s record.

Independent Fact Checkers looked into Denise Juneau’s dishonest statements and concluded: “Juneau’s claim is false. The bill that Zinke voted for does not authorize the sale of any federal lands.

Then the Billings Gazette investigated Denise Juneau’s outrageous claims and discovered them to be: “A false attack … misses the mark … Zinke neither voted to sell off nor transfer Montana’s public lands.”

Juneau knows she’s been caught in a lie – Calls from the Billings Gazette to explain herself and why she would so blatantly lie have gone unanswered.

Now, Bullock and his dark money allies are making similar, completely false attacks against Greg Gianforte on his public lands and stream access record.

The truth is: Montana Democrats are the ones who sold-off Montana’s public lands and blocked access: Bullock voted to sell-off thousands of acres of public lands alongside Denise Juneau and is working to shut down access at Hell Creek, Denise Juneau voted to sell more than 7,000 acres of public lands to private landowners, and even Schweitzer blocked public lands access near his home at Mullan Pass.

Just like Dishonest Denise, Governor Bullock spreads these false attacks because he wants Montanans to be distracted from his failed record:

  • Montana ranks 49th in the nation in salaries, and wages for Montana millennials are dead last in the country.
  • Nearly 800 Montana jobs have been lost in our coal and timber industries in the past year alone.
  • Bullock has also blocked the creation of thousands of Montana jobs and 7,000 Montana jobs are expected to be lost in the coming years because of his job-killing energy agenda.

Denise Juneau, Governor Bullock, and the Montana Democrat Party don’t share Montana values – not when they speak such untruthful statements they know to be false and that have been repeatedly debunked.

Juneau and Bullock think nothing of their actions and their deceit will only worsen as the election grows near. Montanans deserve so much better then to be misled by these dishonest career politicians.

Bullock & Hillary Will Finish What Obama Started: Shut Down Colstrip

Montana was devastated to learn yesterday that Colstrip Units 1 & 2 will be shut down because of Obama’s job-killing energy agenda and the work of the fringe environmental movement. This is heartbreaking news for the livelihoods of the Colstrip community and its workers, and for all Montanans. We will now see more good-paying Montana jobs lost, critical funding for our communities dry up, and higher electricity bills.

This is an assault on our way of life and Montanans should be outraged by the complete dishonesty from Governor Bullock – making even more misleading claims – that he will “stand with the workers and the community of Colstrip.”

You take one look at Bullock’s record and it’s crystal clear: Bullock has abandoned the Colstrip community and all Montana coal workers.

Bullock’s faux outrage is about protecting his re-election chances – not the workers of Colstrip and the thousands of Montanans who have a good-paying job because of our Montana-made energy.

If Bullock and Hillary win in November they will finish what Obama started: Shutting down Colstrip and putting thousands of Montanans out of work.

We need your support today with a small donation of $10, $15, or even $25 to fight back against this job-killing energy agenda. Please help us stop Bullock and Hillary before it’s too late!
Bullock’s Actions Threaten Colstrip, Thousands of Montana Jobs

  • Bullock can’t claim to stand with the Colstrip community and its workers when he supports Hillary Clinton for president – who brags about putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.
  • Bullock promised Obama’s job-killing energy regulations would NOT shut down Montana’s coal plants. Well, that’s completely false: Colstrip Units 1 & 2 will be closed forever and the Corette power plant in Billings was demolished – eliminating 35 Montana jobs – because of these job-killing energy regulations.
  • 7,000 Montana jobs lost and a $1.5 billion hit to our economy is the reality we face if we don’t stop the Obama-Hillary-Bullock job-killing energy agenda in November.
  • In fact, Montana already lost 200 jobs at our coal mines, railroad companies, and on the Crow Reservation this year as a result of these job-killing energy regulations.
  • Earlier this year, Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project – blocking 4,400 high-paying Montana jobs from being created. Going back to his days as Attorney General, Bullock was dead set against this jobs project.
  • Bullock never even took the fight to Oregon when they considered and eventually passed a bill to cut off all the coal-generated electricity it receives from Colstrip–threatening its entire operation and thousands of Montana jobs.
  • When Washington passed a bill to ban the use of Colstrip’s coal-generated electricity, Bullock was silent for weeks on this issue stating he had no plans to ask Washington’s Governor to VETO the measure. It was only after Greg Gianforte put the pressure on Bullock to do more to protect Colstrip that he decided to reverse course and ask for a VETO – discreetly mentioning this in an op-ed as if he didn’t want too many people to know about it.

Fact Checkers: Dishonest Denise Caught Lying About Zinke’s Public Lands Record

Independent Fact Checkers caught Denise Juneau lying about Ryan Zinke’s public lands record.

Juneau’s claim is false” – That’s what independent fact checkers at Ballotpedia.org had to say when Dishonest Denise made false claims that Ryan Zinke voted to sell or transfer our public lands.

What Dishonest Denise is doing – spreading false claims about Zinke’s strong record protecting Montana’s public lands – doesn’t represent our Montana values.

FACT CHECK: Ryan Zinke Voted to Protect Montana’s Public Lands

Ballotpedia.org: Juneau’s claim is false. The bill that Zinke voted for does not authorize the sale of any federal lands. The measure also includes provisions protecting access, including for hunting, fishing, and existing rights of Indian tribes.

Ballotpedia.org: Has Zinke “equivocated” about selling or transferring public lands to states, as Juneau claims? Does the bill that Zinke voted for allow the sale or ownership transfer of federal lands, or threaten public access to federal lands? NO.

Ballotpedia.org: The bill does not authorize the sale or transfer of federal lands to states.

Read Ballotpedia.org’s complete Fact Check here.

Lindeen, Laslovich Shock Montanans w/ Skyrocketing Premiums

Shocked” – That’s how Monica Lindeen responded when she announced she would be imposing massive premium increases on Montanans next year.

She’s right – Montanans should be shocked that both her and her No. 2 Jesse Laslovich continue to bring us double digit premium increases year after year and still won’t back down in their support for Obamacare. These surging premiums are hitting our families and taking more money out of our pockets– impacting nearly 80,000 Montanans:

  • BlueCross BlueShield premium increases range from 40–108%; with the average premium increasing 62%
  • PacificSource premium increases range from 13.7–25.3%; with the average premium increasing 19.8%
  • Montana Health CO-OP premium increases range from 14–38%; with the average premium increasing 22%

It’s worth noting that these double digit premium increases are in addition to the 20-45% premium increases Montanans had to pay last year.

This financial strain on our wallets comes after both Lindeen and Laslovich made false promises to Montanans that they wouldn’t see “dramatic price increases” and that “people will have lower premiums.”

Their statements couldn’t be further from the truth and just goes to show how all-in they are for protecting Obamacare– not Montana families struggling under these skyrocketing premium increases.

Obamacare has been nothing short of a disaster for Montanans, and this financial burden is just unimaginable. Montanans were promised over and over again by Democrats that Obamacare would reduce premiums but that just hasn’t been the case.

It’s long past time we do away with Obamacare and bring Montanans health care reform that actually lowers health care premiums, improves quality, and expands coverage.

Bullock: Montanans WON’T Decide the Election

Dark Money Chairman Governor Bullock has some serious explaining to do when he says: “Montanans, not big money, must decide elections,” given all the secret, big money he has raised for his re-election campaign.

For the last two years, Bullock has served as Chairman and Finance Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), raising unlimited corporate cash and dark money to benefit HIS campaign.

Bullock’s tenure at the DGA is already paying dividends with this group now running attack ads tearing down his opponent with money Bullock helped raise.

Bullock’s entire re-election campaign depends on him tapping into all the corporate cash, dark money, and special-interest PAC money he has been so busy raising:

  • Bullock raised $30 million– mostly all from corporate donations– last year as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA).
  • Bullock also raised nearly $5 million in dark money as DGA Chair.
  • Bullock has taken almost $80,000 in special-interest PAC money (on top of the special-interest PAC money benefiting him from the Montana Democratic Party).

It was also recently reported that Bullock has even been exploiting contribution limits that allow him to launder corporate and dark money into his campaign.

Setting aside his blatant hypocrisy on secret, big-money, it’s clear Bullock intends to have this election decided by HIS corporate cash, dark money, and special interest PAC money– not Montanans.

Bullock Shows Lack of Leadership on Obama’s Job-Killing Coal Lease Moratorium

Time and time again, Governor Bullock refuses to stand up and fight for Colstrip and Montana jobs …

Last week, despite being invited to provide testimony, the Bullock administration ‘did not send anyone to speak in support of critical legislation that protects Montana coal jobs from President Obama’s recent job-killing coal lease moratorium.

Yesterday, Bullock had an assistant deliver a weak message at another coal hearing on this issue and it was a slap in the face to folks in Colstrip and working men and women all across Montana. Instead, he released an “energy plan” 4 years too late that neither saves Colstrip nor protects Montana jobs.

If you recall, Bullock was also a no-show at a coal lease moratorium hearing in Billings last August– abandoning our coal workers in time of need.

Now, Bullock claims to oppose Obama’s job-killing coal lease moratorium but when given opportunities to stand up to Obama he repeatedly cowers in defeat.

This is a pattern of Bullock paying lip service to Montana coal workers but failing to take concrete action to protect their jobs.

Look to a few months ago when Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project, refusing to issue permits– blocking the creation of 4,400 high-paying Montana jobs.

And, the job-killing energy agenda that Obama, Hillary, and Bullock are relentless in pursuing in the name of climate change threatens to shut down Colstrip and eliminate 7,000 Montana jobs.

Their radical environmental agenda will have no impact on global carbon emissions– a statement made by Obama’s former EPA administrator– but will put thousands of Montanans out of work.

This isn’t the kind of leadership Montanans deserve. Greg Gianforte will always fight and protect Montana jobs. You can trust Greg Gianforte to fight for the livelihoods of Montana workers and their families.

Steve Bullock and Terry McAuliffe’s Job-Killing Energy Agenda

New York Lawyer Governor Steve Bullock has recruited Anti-Coal Governor Terry McAuliffe– who is under federal investigation for illegal campaign contributions– to help raise money for his re-election campaign.

A quick look at Bullock and Terry’s job-killing energy agenda shows they have a lot in common.

Bullock and Terry are both associated with Tom Steyer– a radical environmentalist– who wrote large checks to both campaigns: Terry received a $1.6 million check in 2013, and Bullock took $250,000 last year in his role as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA)– this money is now being used to bankroll Bullock’s re-election campaign.

While Terry recently VETOED a coal tax credit bill that would have helped workers as thousands of jobs have been eliminated, Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project earlier this year when he refused to issue their permits (and also voted against this jobs project in 2010).

Bullock’s actions mean 4,400 good-paying jobs will NEVER be created nor will our communities receive $100 million in tax revenue to fund vital infrastructure and school projects.

Bullock and Terry are one in the same: Working to kill good-paying jobs supported by their coal industry.

Bullock Should Return Terry McAuliffe’s Money (Being Investigated by FBI)

New York Lawyer Governor Steve Bullock this past weekend recruited Governor Terry McAuliffe– who is under federal investigation for campaign contributions– to help raise money for his re-election campaign.

Will Bullock return the money he raised from Terry McAuliffe this past weekend or will Bullock use that money for his campaign?

This isn’t the first time Bullock teamed up with Terry McAuliffe. In February, Bullock held a Washington D.C. fundraiser at a lobbying firm, where Terry McAuliffe was the “night’s special guest.”

Bullock should send back the money and end his cozy relationship with Terry McAuliffe, who is the “subject of an ongoing investigation by the FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit.”