Early-Bird Registration: Winter Kick-Off 2018

You’re invited to the MTGOP’s Winter Kick-Off on Feb. 9-10, 2018 at the Radisson Colonial Hotel in Helena!

We’re excited to offer the most comprehensive Winter Kick-Off experience for our legislative candidates and central committee members. Workshops will be focused on running a campaign, voter contact and outreach, data analysis, messaging, fundraising, communications, and campaign finance laws. More workshops to come …

We are also working to secure special guests for our workshops and VIP Dinner. We will formally make an announcement in the near future.

Please don’t miss out on your opportunity to purchase either the Early Bird Ticket or the All-Inclusive Early Bird Package before this offer goes away on Dec. 31, 2017

With our Early Bird pricing, we are offering an incredible deal and promise that you’ll be getting your money’s worth with all that we have planned!

Below you will find information on ticket prices and accommodations. More information on a tentative agenda and speakers will be forthcoming.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Liberty,


Debra Lamm
Montana Republican Party

Ticket Prices

We are offering an Early Bird Registration Ticket for $119 that includes: (1) Ticket to access all workshops, the Welcome Reception on Friday evening, and breakfast and lunch on SaturdayThis ticket will increase to $149 after Dec. 31, 2017.

We are also offering an Early Bird All-Inclusive Ticket for $156 that includes: (1) Early Bird Ticket and (1) Ticket to the VIP Dinner on SaturdayThis ticket will increase to $186 after Dec. 31, 2017.

If you are only interested in attending Saturday’s dinner you can just purchase a VIP Dinner Ticket for $50.


We have a block of rooms reserved at a discounted rate at the Radisson Colonial so please call them at 406-443-2100 and mention: Montana Republican Party.

You can also make your reservation with the Radisson Colonial online using this link HERE.

There are only a limited number of rooms available so please don’t wait to make your reservation. The room block expires on Jan. 25, 2018.

RELEASE: Statement on Bullock’s Call for a Special Session

HELENA, MONT. – Chairman Debra Lamm released the following statement today after Governor Bullock called for a special session and announced tax increases to address the budget shortfall:

The buck stops with Governor Bullock: He mismanaged the state budget and spent beyond our means. We need to get our spending in order and that means cutting the bloat and bureaucracy in Helena, identifying savings, and making responsible and targeted spending cuts that protect the most vulnerable.”

I strongly warn Montanans not to be fooled by Bullock’s call for temporary tax increases. There’s no such thing as temporary tax increases, and if he gets his way, there is no doubt in my mind that these temporary tax increases will become permanent tax increases. Montanans should not have to pay the price with higher taxes because of Bullock’s political games and reckless spending spree.”


Sign the Petition: End the Rigged Tax System

Montana workers need a win, again.

We have a tax system that is rigged to benefit the powerful special interests.

Every year, the government takes more of our hard-earned money while the special interests use their personal loopholes to keep more of their money.

President Trump wants to put an end to this rigged system – and I couldn’t agree more.

Trump has called for tax reform that closes these special interests loopholes and puts more money back in the pockets of Montana workers and families.

That’s exactly where your money belongs … in your hands.

Trump’s vision for tax reform puts Montana workers first, increases their wages, and lowers their taxes. That’s tax relief we could all use right now.

Trump also wants to restore fairness to the system so our businesses can compete, bring more jobs back to America, and create better-paying jobs for workers.

Now, the special interests will stop at nothing to see President Trump’s tax reform proposal fail. They are only concerned about preserving their rigged system because it has enriched them for decades … at the expense of our workers.

With your help today we can put a stop to the special interests. Please click HERE to sign our petition and show President Trump that you support his vision for tax reform.

If we work together, we can end this rigged system and deliver a much needed victory to Montana workers.

Let’s win this battle,

Debra Lamm
Montana Republican Party

RELEASE: Chairman Lamm Blasts Tester’s Support for Single-Payer Health Care

HELENA, MONT. – Chairman Debra Lamm released the following statement today on Senator Tester’s support for a single-payer health care system:

Senator Tester’s call for a single-payer health care system would be an absolute disaster for Montana families. As if Obamacare wasn’t bad enough, this would mean a complete government takeover of our health care industry. The result would be even higher premiums, rationed care, long wait times, and massive tax increases. This is socialized medicine and it does not represent our Montana values. Montanans will remember the tremendous burden Tester wants to place on our families with his support for single payer health care.”


The Hill: Centrist Dem: Maybe we should look at single-payer health care

Sen Jon. Tester (D-Mont.) on Wednesday said Congress should perhaps take a “solid look” at a single-payer health care system.

Tester’s comments during a bipartisan hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee come at a time when more Democrats are getting on board with the idea of government-funded health care.


RELEASE: Bullock to Blame for Montana’s Fiscal Disaster

HELENA, MONT. – Chairman Debra Lamm released the following statement today on the fiscal disaster Governor Bullock has left the state in:

I find it completely unacceptable that Governor Bullock refuses to take responsibility for the fiscal disaster he created. Bullock’s liberal spending spree has finally caught up with him: He inherited a surplus of over $500 million, ran it into the ground, and now we’re left with a tax revenue short-fall of $75 million. This is beyond fiscal mismanagement – this is complete incompetence. Bullock failed to show fiscal discipline and failed to prioritize our spending needs. It’s absolutely clear that responsibility for this fiscal disaster lies squarely with Governor Bullock.”

MTN News: State Budget Headed for Deficit Spending … Tax Revenues Not Meeting Expectations’

The Bullock administration will announce Wednesday it’s asking most state agencies for plans to cut 10 percent of their budget, to avoid deficit spending as state tax revenue flags and firefighting costs escalate, MTN News has learned. 

Any spending cuts ordered by the governor apparently would be in addition to nearly $70 million in cuts already imposed when state revenue failed to meet certain targets on June 30.

The law requiring the latter cuts also transferred $30 million out of the state’s firefighting fund to cover budget shortfalls elsewhere in state government.

Save the Date: MTGOP Open House in Helena

MTGOP Open House

Come and Visit Our Updated HQ, Meet Chairman Lamm and Our Staff,
Elected Officials & Candidates!

Saturday, September 23, 2017 

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM 

1300 Aspen St.
Helena, MT 59601

Enjoy some BBQ, refreshments, and mingle with fellow Republicans.
We look forward to seeing you!

Please RSVP by September 21st to Patrick@mtgop.org.

RELEASE: Patrick Webb Appointed Executive Director

Helena, MONT. – Chairman Debra Lamm announced today the appointment of Patrick Webb to be the Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party.

Patrick’s commitment to the Party, our candidates, and the grassroots provides me with the utmost confidence that he will work tirelessly in this position,” said Chairman Debra Lamm. “His extensive work with the grassroots and our local central committees to increase engagement, mobilize support, and recruit volunteers is exactly the right experience we need to win next year.

I stand ready to serve, listen, and work with the grassroots to build an even stronger Montana Republican Party,” said Patrick Webb. “Together we will build a cohesive organization that will deliver Republican victories at all levels and continue advancing liberty in Montana.”

Republicans hold 5 out of the 7 elected statewide and federal offices in Montana. In 2017, Republicans maintained control of the U.S. House seat with the election of Greg Gianforte. In 2016, Republicans captured four of the five Land Board seats for the first time since 1928. In 2014, Steve Daines won the Senate race marking the first time a Republican held this seat in over 100 years.

Patrick most recently served as the Southwestern Montana Field Representative and Intern Coordinator for U.S. Senator Steve Daines. Patrick also served as Chief of Staff for then state-Senate Majority Leader Matt Rosendale in 2015. He worked as a Regional Field Director for the Gianforte, Zinke, and Daines campaigns, where he was primarily focused on voter outreach, field staff management, and coalition building. Patrick was the former Chairman of the Montana Young Republicans and currently serves on the leadership team for the Lewis and Clark County Republican Central Committee.

Patrick received his Associates degree from Gillette College in Gillette, WY and studied Political Science at Montana State University.

Patrick will start as the Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party on August 2, 2017.


RELEASE: Charter Moves Forward for Montana Young Republicans

Helena, MONT. – The Montana Republican Party is pleased to announce today that over 50 names have been collected to support the charter of a Montana Young Republicans organization with the Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF).

YRNF is a nationwide Republican organization designed to mobilize grassroots Young Republicans between the ages of 18-40 to help get Republicans elected. Under its bylaws, it trains Young Republicans to be “intelligent, aggressive, professional and effective” in their support of “the principles, objectives, and platform of the Republican Party.”

Anita Milanovich, a Bozeman attorney, is spearheading the effort to charter the Montana Young Republicans group with the support of MTGOP Chairman Debra Lamm. Chartering with YRNF gives state and local Young Republicans access to resources and education to maximize their participation and development within the Republican Party.

The excitement and enthusiasm has been overwhelming,” Milanovich said. “In just a couple of weeks we’ve seen over 50 young adults support this group and at the rate the names are coming in, I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach over 100 supporters this month. It’s important to have young Republicans from across Montana support this cause so their voices are heard and we strengthen the credibility of our petition.” She continued, “The vision is to be inclusive and engage young folks all over the state, and that is resonating with Montana’s younger Republicans. This organization will be a valuable resource to help our Republican candidates win their general election races.”

Chairman Lamm applauded the effort. “One of my top priorities is building up the next generation of Republican leaders here in Montana. The passion and support we are seeing among the youth from across the state is deeply encouraging. They support our pro-growth, conservative policies that will build a stronger economy, create better paying jobs, provide more opportunities for Montanans, and rein in the federal government’s vast overreach.” Lamm continued, “The Montana Young Republicans are going to be an incredible asset to the Party and I look forward to working together as we support our candidates in the upcoming races and turn Montana completely red by 2020.”

The next step for a charter is to form a statewide Board, consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board must meet at least once before being eligible to charter. The final step is to submit Montana’s petition to YRNF for approval at the YRNF National Convention held in Annapolis, MD from August 2-6, 2017.

If you’d like to know more about these efforts or add your name to the petition, please contact Anita at aymilanovich@gmail.com or 406-589-6856.


Dirk Sandefur: Self-Declared Dem, Backed By Dem Party & Special Interests

Montanans want an independent voice on the Montana Supreme Court – not one tied to a political party or special interests.

Dirk Sandefur proudly boasts: I am and always have been a nonpartisan candidate. My record reflects that. My fundraising efforts reflect that.

The truth is, Dirk Sandefur is lying when it comes to his record:

  • Sandefur leaves out the fact that back in 2000 he ran as a Democrat for a local State Senate seat shortly before withdrawing from the race.
  • Sandefur won’t mention that he’s now benefiting from $62,000 from the Montana Democrat Party.
  • Sandefur also has former Governor Brian Schweitzer running TV ads in support of his campaign.
  • Sandefur received nearly $600,000 in financial support from the trial lawyers and their political action committees who have cases pending before the court and is endorsed by a radical environmentalist group and even Planned Parenthood.

Sandefur should spare Montanans his false claims of being a non-partisan candidate when his record reflects who he really is: A partisan Democrat who has the backing of the Montana Democrat Party and their special interest groups.

With a record like this, Sandefur simply can’t be the independent, fair, and impartial judge Montanans expect in those that serve on the court.

Let’s be honest, Montana Democrats and their special interest groups wouldn’t be spending all this money on Sandefur if he wasn’t their candidate of choice. He shares their values and will bring their partisan agenda to the court. But, those aren’t the type of values or agenda that should be on the court.

Essmann Sends Letters to McCulloch, Keenan on Ballot Safety Concerns

Helena, MT  – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party sent separate letters today to Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Executive Director of the Montana Democrat Party Nancy Keenan following disturbing reports confirming that strangers, at least one of whom was linked to the  Montana Democrat Party are going door-to-door offering to deliver the ballot for voters, obtaining control of the ballot, and then asking them who they voted for.

Essmann expressed his disappointment to Linda McCulloch for failing to respond to his request that she immediately record and distribute a Public Service Announcement on both television and radio reminding Montana voters that the only two ways to ensure their ballot safely reaches the ballot box is to use a stamp and mail or personally deliver their ballot to their local election office.

You, as an elected official in charge of election administration, have an obligation to all Montana voters to set aside your personal agenda and ensure we have a fair and transparent election,” wrote Essmann. “Please advise us whether or not you will quickly record and distribute a Public Service Announcement reminding voters to use a stamp or personally deliver their ballot to the election office as those are the only guaranteed methods of safe delivery. The integrity of the ballots cast by these voters is at stake.

Essmann also called on Nancy Keenan to stop the Montana Democrat Party’s practice of ballot collection and in doing so help ensure the integrity of our elections.

I firmly believe that as the leader of the Montana Democrat Party you have an obligation to stop your questionable, if not downright unethical practices, and end the collection of ballots by paid or unpaid strangers,” wrote Essmann. “No ballot should ever be handed over to a stranger, political operative, or special interest group. Let’s work together to ensure the integrity of our elections. You can do your part by stopping this questionable and unethical practice that creates doubt where none is needed.”

A copy of the letter sent to Linda McCulloch can be viewed here. The letter sent to Nancy Keenan can be found here.

News reports confirmed ballot collection by strangers in Missoula, Butte, and Livingston. The Montana Democrat Party has confirmed they are engaged in this questionable practice.

The Montana Republican Party’s voter outreach personnel have been instructed not to collect ballots. The Party has not collected ballots in the past and will not do so now.