Tester Votes to Restrict Montanans’ Second Amendment Rights

Last week, Senator Jon Tester quietly voted for more gun control and greater restrictions on Montanans’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

It’s no wonder that Senator Tester tried to keep his anti-Montana votes a secret. After all, Tester’s votes show that once again, he is abandoning his promises to Montanans to prop up President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s liberal, anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Make no mistake — Montanans’ Second Amendment Rights are under attack from Senator Tester, President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Senator Tester’s anti-Second Amendment votes will only pave the way for extremists to push forward with their ultimate objective of further restricting Montanans’ lawful access to firearms.

Once again, Jon Tester’s voting record shows he’s more concerned with Washington, D.C. politics than Montana values.

Senator Tester: Voting to restrict Montanans’ constitutional freedoms– voting for more gun control– is not a Montana value.

Tester Supports More Gun Control Measures

TESTER VOTED YES | Manchin amendment #2908: Requires universal background checks on all gun purchases– including private sales.

TESTER VOTED YES | Feinstein amendment #2910: Grants the Attorney General unconstitutional authority and absolute discretion to infringe and deny 2nd Amendment Rights to any individual on the terrorist watch list or suspected of being a terrorist without due process– even if you are accidentally placed on the terrorist watch list, which happened to Senator Ted Kennedy.

TESTER VOTED NO | Paul amendment #2915: Restores 2nd Amendment Rights in Washington DC to allow for concealed carry permits, national concealed carry reciprocity, repeals policies that restrict ownership of a firearm, and allows active duty personnel to carry a concealed firearm at Department of Defense facilities.

TESTER VOTED NO | Grassley amendment #2914: Increases the threshold for adjudicated mentally incompetent to ensure doctors don’t infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights, outlines specific guidelines on what mental health care records can be given to NICS, and includes Kate’s law– requires a minimum 5 year sentence for illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being convicted of a felony.

Bullocks Talks National Security, Still Backs Obama’s Un-Vetted Refugee Policy

Governor Bullock decided to wade into the national security screening debate but still refuses to call on President Obama to protect Montanans with an enhanced background check system for un-vetted refugees.

In fact, “[Governor Bullock] said he won’t block any Syrian refugees” from being relocated here.

If Bullock truly wants to enhance our national security then why isn’t he demanding all refugees that come into this country go under proper background checks?

Why is Bullock not resisting efforts by Obama to relocate un-vetted refugees here?

55 Montana Legislators wrote a letter to Governor Bullock calling on him to block or resist any efforts by Obama to relocate un-vetted Syrian refugees to Montana.

Senator Daines and Congressman Zinke wrote a letter to Governor Bullock asking him to block Syrian refugees– who aren’t properly vetted– from being relocated to Montana.

Over 30 Governors have taken steps to protect their residents from Obama’s dangerous decision to allow un-vetted refugees to relocate to their home state without proper background checks.

You can take action by signing this petition today so we can send a united message to Governor Bullock and President Obama that we don’t want un-vetted refugees– who may be potential terrorists– coming into the U.S. and being relocated to Montana.

If Bullock wants to take action to protect our safety then he should listen to Montanans and our elected leaders and fight back against Obama’s belief that un-vetted refugees should be relocated here.

It’s time for Bullock to put the safety and security of Montanans first.

P.S. Please ask your friends to sign this petition to tell Governor Bullock and President Obama they must not let un-vetted refugees into this country.

Las Vegas. New York City. What a Weekend for Bullock!

Governor Bullock is traveling to Las Vegas today to attend a 2-day retreat at the posh Four Seasons resort, and then heads to New York City later this weekend for the Democratic Governors Association’s “Holiday Party and Annual Meeting” to celebrate the millions of dark money he’s raised to influence elections and to tap into even more dark money for his re-election battle next year.

There’s no getting around that Bullock had a very bad week with the stunning revelation that his own Lt. Gov. resigned, but it’s quite telling after being absent from Montana for most of the week that he would then jet-set off to Las Vegas and New York City.

Bullock must be so desperate to raise even more dark money to boost his re-election campaign after his former Lt. Gov. resigned over a “falling out.”

There’s just no limit to the amount of dark money Bullock is willing to raise. A recent report discovered Bullock has amassed over a $3 million dark money war-chest, with his dark money travels taking him to Louisville, KY; Nantucket, MA; Aspen, CO; Washington DC; White Sulphur Springs, WV; and Whitefish, MT.

Bullock continues to mislead Montanans, touting himself as an outspoken critic of dark money while at the very same time raising and spending millions of dark money.

In fact, Bullock has spent over $1 million in dark money in Pennsylvania attacking Republicans and promoting their Democrat governor– despite promising Montanans: Dark money won’t be spent to influence elections.”

Bullock is also traveling the country calling for full disclosure of all dark money checks yet refuses to disclose where his $3 million dark money checks came from. It’s truly the height of hypocrisy for Bullock to demand full disclosure from everyone but himself.

Bullock’s continued absence from Montana this week shows a Governor with misplaced priorities. It’s quite concerning Bullock would prioritize his need for more dark money at a time like this. Does Bullock really think the solution to his problems is to raise even more dark money?

Bullock Shrugs Off Loss of 7,000 Montana Jobs as Congress Blocks Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regs

The Republican-led Congress passed two bills to block implementation of Obama’s job-killing energy regulations on existing and new coal power plants– protecting Montana jobs and the livelihoods of our workers and families.

It’s absolutely critical we stop Obama’s regulations that will cripple our economy and eliminate thousands of Montana jobs. A recent report from the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found these regulations will shut down the Colstrip power plant and eliminate over 7,000 good-paying Montana jobs.

The report described these regulations as, “The most significant economic event to occur in Montana in more than 30 years.”

The report also concluded that Montana will lose $1.5 billion in economy activity and we will see nearly a $200 million reduction in state and local tax revenue.

Governor Bullock outright dismissed this report sayinghe did not agree” with these findings and commented that it’s “(not) the only window.”

For Bullock to shrug off this report shows a complete lack of will to fight back against Obama’s job-killing energy regulations, and highlights the need for a Republican Governor who will actually stand up and fight for our workers and families.

Bullock has surrendered to Obama as he refuses to join the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Tim Fox to protect our good-paying Montana jobs, and remains silent on the recent legislation passed by Congress to permanently stop Obama’s regulations.

When Bullock is done complying with Obama’s job-killing energy regulations, what will he say to the 7,000 Montana workers who lose their jobs? How are they going to survive and provide for their families? How will our communities survive without critical funding from our clean coal?

You should also know, Senator Tester voted against both bills in Congress that protect our workers– confirming once again, that he will prioritize Obama’s extreme liberal agenda even when Montana stands to lose thousands of good-paying jobs.

I’m proud of our Montana Republican leaders who are standing up and fighting back against Obama’s assault on our way of life. Senator Daines and Congressman Zinke both voted in support of the two bills to protect our good-paying jobs, affordable electricity prices, and the livelihoods of our workers, families, and communities. Attorney General Tim Fox is taking the fight to Obama and the EPA by filing a lawsuit to stop these job-killing energy regulations from being implemented in Montana.

We can still stop President Obama and Governor Bullock from crippling our economy and eliminating thousands of jobs. If we elect a Republican Governor and a Republican President next year– alongside our Republican elected officials– we can undue Obama’s job-killing energy regulations and protect all these good-paying Montana jobs. All hope is not lost.

Bullock No Longer Standing by Juneau?

Governor Bullock appears to no longer be standing by Congressional candidate Denise Juneau’s failed education record as he conceded yesterday that “challenges” exist on our “education front.”

Under Juneau’s failed leadership, our test scores have “decreased significantly,” but Juneau dismissed these concerns as a “one year of a decline in fourth-grade math.”

However, the Billings Gazette reported this was hardly a one year decline in fourth-grade math:

  • “In mathematics, fourth-grade scores decreased significantly compared to 2013 scores.
  • Scores for eighth-graders dropped for the second year in a row, a significant decrease compared to 2011 scores.”
  • “In Montana, scores in reading for eighth-graders dipped slightly from those in 2013 … but the eighth-grade drop was significant compared to scores in 2011.”

Unfortunately, you can’t convince a liberal ideologue like Juneau that Common Core has been a disaster for our kids …

Juneau is described as “one of the Common Core’s biggest supporters,” and praised herself for bringing Common Core to Montana as the “right thing to do.”

Juneau believes so wholeheartedly in Common Core that she can’t explain its opposition: “I don’t really know how to explain it … There is nothing to be fearful about the Common Core.”

Montana students’ education is suffering because of career politicians like Denise Juneau who are so blinded by their rigid, liberal Obama ideology that they can’t put our kid’s education before their own political ambition. Juneau believes central planners in D.C. should determine our kid’s education– not our parents and local communities who actually know what’s best for their kids. Juneau has failed us for bringing Common Core to Montana, and she will follow in lock-step with Obama’s liberal ideology if elected to Congress. Montanans deserve so much better.

What Plan? Bullock Offers No Details on Syrian Refugee Review Request

Governor Bullock is currently reviewing Montana’s refugee acceptance policy after last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris but even his own administration is unable to clarify who is leading the review process or how Montana could deny a Syrian refugee request. Bullock is giving false assurances to Montanans about this review process and the safety protocols in place given the complete lack of details and contradictory statements from his own administration. Under Bullock’s leadership, Montana’s boarders will remain open to Syrian refugees despite more than a dozen Governors from across the nation taking action to block Syrian refugees from entering their state given the safety and security concerns they may pose to residents and our country.

Governor Bullock offers false assurances to Montanans that he has a plan in place to review a Syrian refugee request:

  • Montana has a process in place for considering refugee settlement requests; we are reviewing those protocols to ensure that if a request comes, we take all appropriate steps to ensure that the safety of Montanans will not be jeopardized by their placement. (KXLH, 11/16/2015)

Bullock’s administration is unable to clarify who is leading the review process or how Montana could deny a Syrian refugee request:

  • Mike Wessler, the governor’s spokesman, said the state is reviewing the federal process for screening refugees to ensure it is adequate. He did not return a request for clarification on who is leading the state’s review or how the state would decide to deny a request, which is not something the state currently considers. (Missoulian, 11/17/2015)

Bullock’s own refugee coordinator admits she doesn’t know how Montana could deny a Syrian refugee request and current policy states refugees are allowed to stay right here in Montana:

  • Montana’s state refugee coordinator said she wasn’t sure how denying a resettlement could be done. (Missoulian, 11/17/2015)
  • We’ve never done it,” Katherine Quittenton said. “Anybody who has wanted to stay here, we’ve assisted them.” (Missoulian, 11/17/2015)

Bullock Abandons Workers, Surrenders to Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regulations

Governor Bullock has surrendered to Obama’s job-killing energy regulations that threaten to eliminate thousands of Montana jobs and cut off tens of millions of dollars in critical funding for our communities. Bullock believes implementing Obama’s job-killing energy regulations “has to be done”– despite the great harm and devastation it will bring to our workers, their families, and our communities.

Worst of all, Bullock is more concerned about saving his own job than saving the jobs of thousands of Montana workers. Bullock has created an advisory council whose main goal is to delay Obama’s job-killing energy regulations until after his re-election campaign. 

  • The Clean Power Plan may be the single biggest threat to Bullock’s chances for re-election,” Carroll College political scientist Jeremy Johnson said Friday. (AP, 11/13/2015)
  • A close look at Bullock’s executive order shows that one of the council’s main duties is to justify requesting the two-year extension, which would allow Bullock to avoid releasing a plan at the peak of his re-election campaign. (AP, 11/13/2015)

This is politics at its worst. Bullock ducks for political cover instead of standing up and leading. Bullock should be ashamed that he won’t fight for every good-paying Montana job that exists because of our clean coal.

Obama’s job-killing energy regulations will impact nine Montana coal plants– including Colstrip- and the results will be devastating: Thousands of Montana workers will lose their jobs, electricity prices will rise for our families, and tens of millions of dollars that our communities depend on every year will dry up.

Don’t be fooled by Bullock’s talk of these job-killing energy regulations being a Montana solution– it’s an Obama solution that will wreak havoc on our livelihoods. Bullock has abandoned our workers, families, and communities to appease Obama.

Montanans deserve a Governor who will lead and fight every day to protect their jobs and livelihoods.

Victory Against Obama’s Amnesty Order

In what media outlets across the nation are describing as a major blow to President Obama and Democratic Party’s liberal agenda, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants was unconstitutional.

In ruling against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, the Court used Obama’s own words against him. Last November, Obama admitted he unilaterally and unconstitutionally rewrote our nation’s laws to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants: “But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.

Obama was unable to explain away this statement and provided further proof to the Court that Obama knowingly disregarded our nation’s laws to take whatever action he deemed necessary to suit his liberal political agenda.

It’s because of the action taken by Attorney General Tim Fox that we have been so successful in fighting back against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order. AG Fox filed a lawsuit last year to hold Obama accountable for his unconstitutional overreach. AG Fox is leading the fight to rein in Obama’s abuse of power and complete disregard for the rule of law.

Senator Tester on the other hand has fought to protect Obama’s amnesty order. Senator Tester voted again, again, again, and again to protect Obama’s unconstitutional overreach. Tester continues to side with President Obama and the liberal Democratic Party– not with the 74% of Montanans who oppose Obama’s amnesty order.

It’s quite disturbing that President Obama, Senator Tester, and the liberal Democratic Party are more concerned about granting amnesty to illegal immigrants than fighting to create good-paying jobs to improve the lives of Montanans, especially when Montana ranks near the bottom of the nation– 49th– in salaries.

Tester Votes 3X in 24 Hours to Protect Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

Senator Tester voted not once, twice, but three times in just over 24 hours to protect President Obama and the EPA’s water power grab and ensure they maintain authority to regulate all ponds, ditches, streams, and any body of water they deem subject to their oversight.

Just a few months ago, Tester misled Montana farmers, ranchers, and landowners when he expressed serious concerns with the Obama-EPA water power grab only then to turn around this week and vote three times to ensure President Obama, the EPA, and DC bureaucrats can regulate and control ALL bodies of water.

  • I have heard from folks in Montana who have questions and concerns about this rule and I will continue to work with them to ensure it makes sense on the ground.” –Senator Tester, 08/31/2015

There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense about allowing DC bureaucrats to control our water. Tester’s votes to protect the Obama-EPA water power grab proves he has abandoned our farmers, ranchers, and landowners and believes the federal government should control our water and our livelihoods.

MTGOP Chairman Essmann Statement on Juneau Run

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today on Montana Democrat Denise Juneau’s decision to run for the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Denise Juneau is a classic example of a career politician in desperate need of employment by the government. Juneau’s time as a bureaucrat in Helena has been marked by implementing Common Core in Montana and taking away the rights of parents to decide what’s best for our children’s educational needs.”

“Juneau also worked aggressively to re-elect President Obama and aligns herself with the nationwide liberal agenda that has wreaked havoc on our families who continue to suffer from a weak economy and lack of good-paying jobs. Montanans don’t deserve to be burdened by Juneau’s liberal agenda.”

“Montanans deserve a proven leader like Congressman Ryan Zinke who fights every day to better the lives and protect Montanans just as he fought to defend and protect this nation as a U.S. Navy SEAL.”