Montana’s National & Alternate Delegates to the Republican National Convention

Billings, MT – At the Montana State Delegate Convention today the following individuals were elected as Montana’s national and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention:

National Delegates

Berglee, Seth
Brown, Dee
Brown, James
Butcher, Edward
Fagg, Harrison
Fielder, Jennifer
Happel, Dan
Hopkins, Mike
Lamm, Debra
Landsgaard, Paul
Lotton, Bradley
Mandeville, Forrest
Manzella, Theresa
Milanovich, Anita
Milanovich, John
Miller, Ken
Miller, Peggy
Noland, Mark
Nordwick, Suzzann
Olsen, Eric
Pfaehler, Karen Marie
Tuck, Thomas
Wittich, Art
Zinke, Ryan

Alternate Delegates

Baker, Mark
Barbisan, Susan
Dellwo, Liz
Deschamps, Will
Fick, Ronald
Kopetski, Vondene
Linn, Janice
McKinney, Jenna
Murray, Arla Jeanne
Nelson, Kevin
Nelson, Lorena Fatouros
Pierce, Terra
Porta, William
Rambur, Dale
Reger, James
Reneau, Susan Campbell
Sales, Scott
Saunders, Robert
Scranton, Dennis
Seekins-Crowe, Kerri
Selph, William
Shipp, Chris
Vogel, Randy
Zinke, Lola

In total, Montana will send 27 national delegates to the Republican National Convention. The remaining 3 delegates are: Chairman Jeff Essmann, National Committeeman Errol Galt and National Committeewoman Betti Hill.

Bernie & Bullock’s Awkward Moment

As liberals across the state welcome Bernie Sanders to Montana today they are almost guaranteed to hear Bernie rail against the evils of Wall Street and the influence of corporate special interest money in our elections.

With Bernie’s crusade against corporate special interests, you might think he’s found an ally in Governor Bullock, who never misses an opportunity to tout his work leading the fight against unlimited corporate cash and dark money in our political system:

  • Bullock bragged about taking the “fight against corporate influence. (Great Falls Tribune, 11/21/2014)
  • “I don’t think there’s any governor in the country that’s fought harder to make sure our elections didn’t have corporate dollars in them.” (Great Falls Tribune, 02/22/2015)
  • We should have elections, not auctions. We should have public servants – not elected officials beholden to some special interest and their secret money. (State of the State, 01/28/2015)

Well, Bernie’s in for a rude awakening when he finds out that Bullock sold himself out to the corporate special interests– raising tens of millions of dollars in corporate and dark money and exploiting loopholes to funnel this money into Montana– in an all-out effort to save his re-election campaign:

  • Bullock’s exploiting contribution limits to launder corporate and dark money into his campaign.
  • Bullock raised $30 million– mostly from corporate donations– last year as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA).
  • Bullock raised $5 million in dark money while serving as DGA Chair.
  • Bullock has taken almost $80,000 in special-interest PAC money.

For all Bullocks’ anti-corporate rhetoric, he has cozied up real close to the corporate special interests. Bernie wouldn’t be too proud of Bullock if he knew how he conducts himself behind closed doors. Bullock has put his trust in the hands of the corporate special interests– not Montanans.

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ICYMI: Bullock, McLean Falling Out Traced to Dec. 2014 Convo

More emails were released last Friday that shed light on the falling out between Governor Bullock and former Lt. Governor Angela McLean. Those emails now confirm that the source of their falling out can be traced to a December 2014 conversation between Bullock and McLean.

Now, neither Bullock nor McLean will comment on this meeting or what was discussed but there’s little doubt that a bombshell was dropped.

What else explains how their professional relationship deteriorated so rapidly or why Bullock worked so aggressively to isolate and eventually force out McLean.

How did things get so bad so fast? In May 2014, Bullock described McLean as “LG extraordinaire,” and only a month before their falling out, McLean called Bullock: “The greatest Governor Ever in the Milky Way.

What happened between Bullock and McLean? Why are BOTH Bullock and McLean refusing to talk about their falling out? What could have possibly happened between Bullock and McLean during that December conversation to cause such a complete breakdown in their professional relationship?

Bullock releases private emails; sheds little new light on McLean departure (05/06/2016)

Gov. Steve Bullock Friday released nearly 400 pages of emails from his private account, revealing more details about his schism with former Lt. Gov. Angela McLean.

But the emails primarily confirmed what the Bullock administration and previously released email documents from state accounts revealed last December: That the pair had a falling out, which led to Bullock considering whether to find a new running mate in 2016 and freezing McLean out of key meetings and initiatives.

One of the emails released Friday, from McLean to Bullock, seemed to pinpoint what sparked the souring of their professional relationship: A “conversation in December” 2014.

Bullock, however, declined to discuss the subject of that conversation and McLean also declined to comment.

Read more here:

Chairman Essmann Statement on the Passing of Senator Conrad Burns

Helena, MT- Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party expressed his sorrow at the news that former Senator Conrad Burns passed away Thursday afternoon:

“Conrad loved his adopted home state of Montana and Montana Republicans loved him and his wonderful wife Phyllis. When talking about Montana, Conrad always said he got here as fast as he could. We will miss him deeply now that he is no longer with us.”

“Senator Burns was very committed to the success of Montana and its people. He was a colorful figure who loved people, politics, and to serve. He brought a common man, common sense approach to his work in the Senate and returned to his home in Billings when his work was done.”

“Conrad always worked to unite and strengthen the Montana Republican Party. The last time I saw him was just a couple of weeks ago at an event for all our statewide candidates, loyal right up to the end, supporting the cause. I offer my sincerest condolences to Phyllis and the Burns family. The thoughts of many Montanans are with them.”

Bullock’s Infrastructure Record: Can’t Get the Job Done

Governor Bullock had three and a half years to sign an infrastructure bill into law and he failed to get the job done. Now, Bullock announced a new infrastructure proposal today. Well, this comes too little too late. Bullock’s failed leadership is exactly why Montana hasn’t seen an infrastructure bill.

In 2013, Bullock VETOED a critical Infrastructure bill for Eastern Montana after the bill passed both chambers of the Legislature by wide bipartisan margins.

Two years later, Bullock pursued an all-or-nothing approach to address our critical infrastructure needs.

Bullock could have signed an infrastructure bill that was less focused on his pet projects in Helena but instead, he demanded Montana go into debt and remained adamant that all his pet projects were fully funded.

The Billings Gazette warned Bullock against taking Montana into debt to pay for our infrastructure needs:It makes more sense to avoid the cost of borrowing and use available cash to help address the urgent infrastructure needs.”

The Billings Gazette urged Bullock to support a fiscally responsible proposal: He needs to reach out to Republican and Democratic lawmakers to craft a fiscally responsible grant proposal that actually can pass the Legislature.”

Did Bullock listen? No. Montana had the cash-on-hand to pay for our critical infrastructure needs but he remained adamant Montana go into debt.

The stalwart-liberal ideologue George Ochenski blasted Bullock for his all-or-nothing approach: “That Bullock sought to abandon long-held legislative protocol with his “all-in-one” spending bill is a mystery in itself.”

Ochenski even called-out Bullock’s hypocrisy:It is disingenuous of Bullock to insist that these projects are vital to the state’s interest – so much so that they require $212 million in bonds – yet threaten to veto the bills containing them unless the legislature funds them through his single infrastructure spending bill.

Bullock’s the reason communities haven’t seen any infrastructure funding under his watch.  A Republican Governor will get the job done where Bullock has failed and sign an infrastructure bill into law. 

Bullock Lacks Know-How to Create High-Paying Jobs

Since taking office, Governor Bullock has failed to address the crisis facing Montana: The lack of high-paying jobs available to our kids and workers. Central to fixing this problem is providing tax relief and supporting measures that will help improve Montana’s business climate.

It’s no secret: Bullock is bad for business. Bullock repeatedly VETOED tax relief bills that would have put more money in the pockets of workers, families and small businesses and will NOT eliminate the business equipment tax.

You may have heard about Bullock’s empty gestures to bring Facebook, Google and PayPal to Montana. Well, it will never happen unless we improve our business climate.

In fact, Facebook has even said the problem with doing business in Montana is the business equipment tax. [1:34]

Greg Gianforte supports tax relief and wants to eliminate the business equipment tax to help Montana’s business climate and create high-paying jobs.

Greg knows what it takes to do business in Montana and create high-paying Montana jobs because he’s done it here. Greg founded a start-up in his home and grew it into Bozeman’s largest commercial employer– creating over 500 high-paying Montana jobs.

Meanwhile, Bullock has left a terrible mark on Montana:  Nationwide, Montana ranks almost last in good jobs available, we are the 7th worst state to make a living, income for millennials ranks lowest in the country, and we rank near dead last in salaries– 49th in the nation!

This is a crisis. It’s essential Montana reduce its tax burden if we want to attract employers, help small businesses grow, and create more high-paying jobs.

Montanans deserve a Republican Governor who understands what it takes for businesses to succeed and knows how to create high-paying Montana jobs.

Bullock VETOES Tax Relief Bills

SB 171 | Comprehensive tax reform that reduces and simplifies Montana’s tax rates from 7 to 2 brackets and eliminates special interest loopholes (2015)

SB 200 | Lowers state income tax rates for all Montanans and reduces the capital gains tax to help small businesses grow and create more high-paying Montana jobs (2015)

HB 166 | Lowers state income tax rates for all Montanans  (2015)

SB 282 | Comprehensive tax reform that reduces rates for all Montanans and eliminates special interest loopholes (2013)

SB 394 | Provide a one-time tax cut to all Montanans (2013)

Chairman Essmann Statement on MTGOP’s Motion to Dismiss Closed Primary Lawsuit

HELENA, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann issued the following statement on the Montana Republican Party’s recent decision to dismiss the closed primary lawsuit:

The Executive Board of the Montana Republican Party, after much discussion and deliberation, passed a motion to direct Jim Brown, the attorney representing the State Party, to seek to dismiss the case challenging the constitutionality of the Montana open primary law.

The board’s decision was to dismiss the case without prejudice which would not prevent future legal review of the issue if a legislative resolution of the issue does not occur in the meantime,” said Chairman Essmann. “We hope that all parties to the matter will agree that there is no need for the expense of a trial to be incurred at this point.

Based on the prior rulings of the court denying the parties constitutional arguments, the attorney for the State Party and the attorney for the 10 County Republican Central Committees agreed that the likelihood of success at trial was low.

An important factor in the discussion was the presence of a similar case brought by the Hawaii Democrat Party challenging the Hawaii open primary law that is also pending in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Montana Republican Party will have the ability to file a supportive friend of the court brief as the Hawaii case proceeds.

Governor Bullock’s Bad Business Climate

Montana greatly needs to improve our business climate if we are going to attract employers, help small businesses grow, and create high-paying Montana jobs. Without an improved business climate, Montanans will continue to see their kids leave home in search of better paying jobs and families will continue to struggle living paycheck to paycheck.

Montana needs a leader who can strengthen our economy with their experience growing small businesses and creating high-paying Montana jobs. Unfortunately, Montanans are stuck with Governor Bullock (until November). Bullock just isn’t up to the task of addressing the crisis Montana faces with our weak business climate and lack of high-paying jobs.

It’s time for new leadership in Helena. It’s time to elect a Governor who will put Montana first and finally address this crisis.

Montana’s Crisis: Weak Business Climate, Lack of High-Paying Jobs

Juneau’s Gun Control Birthday Bash

Denise Juneau brings Steny Hoyer– the number two in House Democrat leadership– to Montana today to celebrate her birthday in Bozeman. Denise Juneau is being sung Happy Birthday by an extreme liberal who has a ZERO percent rating from the NRA!

The last time Steny Hoyer was here in Montana he was raising money for John Lewis’ failed House run. At the fundraiser, Steny Hoyer revealed the Democrat playbook: Cover up the candidates’ anti-2nd Amendment agenda to win the election and then they will turn around and take away our right to keep and bear arms.

Steny Hoyer: “I’m not from Montana, I have a zero rating with the NRA, and I would not recommend that John use gun control as part of his campaign… But I will tell you …  if you have a Democrat in charge of the House of Representatives, those issues will have a shot.

Denise Juneau and Steny Hoyer’s Washington D.C. values have no place in Montana. Our elected officials swear an oath to defend and protect the Constitution– including the right to keep and bear arms. For Juneau to so blatantly showcase her anti-2nd Amendment agenda goes to show Montanans can’t trust her to protect our way of life.