Lindeen No Show At Debate After Calling Premium Increases ‘Too Low’

Monica Lindeen exercised bad judgement when she was a no-show at Seeley Lake this past Monday despite agreeing to face off against Corey Stapleton in a candidate forum on the Secretary of State’s race.

Her abrupt decision to cancel on this debate comes days after she called Montana’s health care premium increases ‘too low.’ Coincidence?

Too low says Monica Lindeen when the average health insurance premium increase for Montana Health CO-OP is 30.7%! For Pacific Source it’s 27.6%!

Here’s what happened: When Montana Health CO-OP and Pacific Source originally submitted lower premium rates, Monica Lindeen rejected their rates saying she ‘found their rates to be too low.’ She wanted higher rates for their health care plans and ordered them ‘to raise their rates.’

Talk about bad judgment: Pushing higher premium rates onto Montana families.

It’s not just that Monica Lindeen pushed for higher premiums this year – For the second year in a row now she has given Montanans double digit premium hikes!

These skyrocketing premium increases year after year come even after she gave her word that Obamacare would not bring ‘dramatic price increases.’

Monica Lindeen misled Montanans about Obamacare and the false promise of lower premiums, and she stands by Obamacare with unwavering support as Montana families are left struggling with their ever increasing premiums.

Montanans are the ones paying the price for Monica Lindeen’s bad judgement. Let’s retire her in November.

Jesse’s Pay for Play: “Not Picky” Where Money Comes From, Premiums Hiked

Jesse Laslovich has taken somewhere between $30,000 – $40,000 from the lobbyists, insurance, and financial industries he’s supposed to be regulating.

Conflict of interest? Well, Jesse doesn’t see anything wrong with this pay for play.

Listen to his own words: He’s “not picky” where his money comes from.

Click HERE to Watch

Jesse Laslovich takes campaign donations from the health insurance companies he helps regulate and then authorizes higher health care premiums, meaning the insurance companies take more of our money while we’re left on the hook to pay for these higher premiums.

It’s a win for Jesse Laslovich. It’s a win for the health insurance companies. It’s NOT a win for the tens of thousands of Montana families who now have to pay these higher health care premiums.

Next year’s premiums have now been finalized and are even higher than what was originally announced: Montanans will face premium increases between 27% to 58%.

Have a BlueCross BlueShield policy? Your average rate increase will be a staggering 58%!

So, when Jesse Laslovich is asked: “How can you be an advocate for Montanans when BlueCross BlueShield is giving you campaign donations?

The answer: He can’t. Jesse Laslovich is bought and paid for by the insurance industry.

Jesse Laslovich is too busy cozying up to the insurance companies so he’s fighting for their interests – not your interests. Jesse is no advocate for Montanans and electing him as our next State Auditor means more premium increases and more financial hardship for Montana families.

FACT CHECK: Bullock’s Lies Come in Five

Can you believe how dishonest Governor Bullock’s new ad is?

(1) Bullock falsely casts himself as a believer in “fiscal discipline and accountability.

  • Under Bullock, government spending has increased by over 25 percent – $800 million – while the gross state product grew by only 9 percent.
  • Clearly, Bullock forgot about his administration’s $1 billion accounting error last summer – and how no one was held accountable or lost their job because of it.
  • Don’t forget how the company that employs the wife of Bullock’s budget director secured a $23 million government leasing contract without a competitive bidding process or looking at alternative sites.

(2) Next, Bullock beats his chest for working to “balance the budget every year.” 

  • Governor – It’s a constitutional requirement and it’s carried out by the Montana Legislature!
  • Thank goodness we do have a balanced budget requirement because without it he’d never balance the budget!

(3) Bullock then makes outrageous claims about Montana’s “$300 million rainy day fund.”

  • There’s no $300 million rainy day fund in Montana. It’s all but gone – reduced to maybe $100 million – and with Montana’s negative economic growth since the end of last year and declining tax revenues, it’s entirely possible that we will run a deficit next year.

(4) Bullock also goes on to praise himself for “no new taxes.” 

  • Well, Bullock VETOED tax relief bill after tax relief bill that would have returned money to Montana families – he kept your hard-earned money so he could increase government spending and bring more government into our lives.
  • One of the bills Bullock VETOED would have lowered tax rates for ALL Montanans by eliminating special interest tax credits for his fringe environmental cronies – who coincidentally are now funding his campaign.

(5) Finally, Bullock’s living in a liberal’s state of denial when he says he “cracked down” on wasteful spending.

  • Under Bullock, state spending has increased a whopping $800 million over the last 4 years!
  • Yes – $800 million! Proving he is no responsible steward of Montana’s fiscal health.

Those are all of Bullock’s five 5 outrageous lies in just one TV commercial!

Montanans deserve better. VOTE Greg Gianforte for Governor. Greg’s proven record of success and creating Montana jobs will bring real leadership to the Governor’s office.

Bullock, Hillary No Friend to Gun Owners

The outcome of this election will truly define what happens to our Second Amendment Rights.

Hillary Clinton supports Obama’s gun-control regulations, said a nationwide firearm ban would be worth considering, and believes the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.

Hillary’s views aren’t just her own; they are shared by the Democrat Party.

Here in Montana, Governor Bullock is neither the strong leader you can trust on the Second Amendment nor will he protect and defend our right to keep and bear arms.

At every turn, Bullock proudly stands with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats’ gun control agenda – not with Montanans and our Second Amendment Rights:

  • Bullock received a “C” rating from the NRAa “C” rating!
  • Bullock and Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment groups are working together in Montana to advance their gun control agenda and take away our firearms.
  • Bullock VETOED several common sense gun rights bills over the last 4 years.

Most disturbing of all, Bullock VETOED a bill that guaranteed under the 10th Amendment that Montana would never have to enforce a federal firearm or ammo ban.

Bullock VETOED this bill not once but twice – and called it “completely unnecessary.”

When you VETO a bill that protects our Second Amendment Rights and call it “completely unnecessary,” that really says all you need to know about where you stand on this issue.

Let’s show Bullock where Montana stands on the Second Amendment this November.

Remember to VOTE for Greg Gianforte as Governor, he is endorsed by and received an “A” rating from the NRA and Greg is someone Montanans can always trust to fight for our Second Amendment Rights.

Jesse Laslovich Calls for Single Payer Health Care

In a recent interview on Face the State, Jesse Laslovich, the Democrat (and socialist) candidate for State Auditor, announced support for a single payer health care system.

There’s going to have to be a candid discussion about single payer. It just is a broken system. If I’m the Auditor I want to be part of that conversation.”

Jesse Laslovich Calls for Single Payer Health Care System

Click here to watch.

Jesse Laslvoich’s calls for a single payer health care system comes even after he admits that Obamacare is a “broken system.”

Obamacare has brought Montanans double digit premiums increases year after year so for Jesse Laslovich to believe that complete government control is the answer to our health care problems shows just how out of touch and radical his agenda would be if elected as the next State Auditor.

Let’s look at the harm Obamacare is doing to our families …

Next year, Montanans will see average premium increases between 20% to 62%.

That’s just the average premium increase. If you have a BlueCross BlueShield plan you could see your premiums increase as high as 108%!

Just this past year, Montanans saw premium increases between 20% to 45%.

Obamacare has financially devastated our families. Frankly, it’s unimaginable that Jesse Laslovich believes a single payer health care system will fix this problem.

Montanans need Matt Rosendale for State Auditor because he will fight for policies that actually lower our health care premiums, bring price transparency to the marketplace, and improve the quality of care we receive.

MTGOP Chairman Asks Montana Supreme Court to Enforce Campaign Laws

Helena, MT – Chairman of the Montana Republican Party Jeff Essmann today requested the Montana Supreme Court to direct Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl to perform their duties as required by law and remove Roger Roots, a Libertarian party candidate for the position of Montana Secretary of State, from Montana’s 2016 general election ballot after he failed to file his business disclosure report and properly file campaign finance reports as required by law.

The Supreme Court needs to uphold the integrity of the vote and Montana’s campaign finance laws, and enforce the law if these two officials will not,” said Chairman Jeff Essmann. “Whatever the reason for their failure to comply with the law and ensure that all the business disclosure forms and campaign finance reports were properly filed, the Secretary of State and the Commissioner of Political Practices have permitted a name to appear on the ballot when the law was not followed.

Roger Roots failed to file his business disclosure report and failed to timely file his campaign finance reports as required by the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP). On the matter of his business disclosure report, Montana law 13-37-126 (1) states: The name of a candidate may not appear on the official ballot for an election if the candidate or a treasurer for a candidate fails to file any statement or report as required by 2-2-106 or this chapter. Regarding his campaign finance reports, Roger Roots was contacted multiple times by the COPP to correct this issue but still failed to file timely reports. Despite being in violation of the law, both the Commissioner of Political Practices and the Secretary of State’s office approved Roger Roots for inclusion on the ballot.

While Commissioner Motl says the COPP received Roger Roots’ filed business disclosure form in March 2016, it has been unable to publicly produce this document. Instead, COPP admits they solicited, received, and posted Roger Roots’ business disclosure form dated September 6, 2016. However, this is past the March 2016 statutory deadline to qualify for the ballot.

On September 1, 2016, the General Counsel for the Montana Republican Party notified Secretary of State Linda McCulloch in writing that Roger Roots was unlawfully certified for the 2016 ballot and asked McCulloch to notify all county election administrators of this violation and to order them to desist in their efforts in preparing and printing ballots. McCulloch has not responded to Essmann’s request since the letter was submitted.

Essmann asks the Supreme Court to take both immediate injunctive action by issuing a temporary restraining order (TRO) and by ordering Linda McCulloch and Jonathan Motl to perform their duties mandated by law.  Lastly, Essmann requests the case be given the highest urgency, with local election administrators set to print ballots in the coming days and weeks and with overseas military ballots required to be sent out no later than September 23, 2016.

Zinke Proven Leader for Montana

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann released the following statement tonight after the Congressional debate between Congressman Zinke and Denise Juneau in Billings:

“Congressman Zinke proved he has the leadership and experience to best represent Montanans. He sets aside politics to do what’s right for Montana and that makes him the strong and courageous leader we expect in our elected officials. Whether serving as our Congressman or as a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Congressman Zinke will always protect, defend, and fight for our Montana way of life.”

“Denise Juneau showed she would rather stand by her liberal values than do what’s right for Montana: Denise Juneau brought us Common Core – with results showing that fewer than half of Montana students are proficient in reading, writing and math – she voted against creating thousands of high-paying Montana jobs, and she believes in restricting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only thing Denise Juneau proved tonight is that she doesn’t represent our Montana values.”


Bullock’s Actions Far Worse Than Hillary’s: Deleted ALL Emails

It has now been revealed that Governor Bullock destroyed all his official state emails while serving as Attorney General similar to how Hillary Clinton deleted her emails while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

Actually, Bullock’s actions are far worse than what Hillary Clinton did. She erased some of her emails. Bullock erased all of them.

They no longer exist” – That’s the official word from the Governor’s office when a freedom of information request was filed asking for Bullock’s email communications.

By deliberately engaging in the destruction of every last one of his public documents, Bullock violated the Montana Constitution and his oath of office:

The Montana Constitution clearly states, “No person shall be deprived of the right to examine documents or to observe the deliberations of all public bodies or agencies of state government and its subdivisions, except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure.”

This raises some very important questions: What’s Bullock’s motivation behind deleting all his emails? What’s he trying to hide or cover up?

In May, it was reported that Bullock and his staff “were using personal email accounts to conduct state business” a la the Hillary Clinton way.

Using a private email account, Bullock was able to conceal official state business from the public that would otherwise be subject to an information request if it had been communicated from his government email account.

Deleted emails …. Private email accounts … Bullock and Hillary’s actions run counter to the honesty and trust we expect from our elected officials.

Juneau, Romano Fail Montana Students: Less Than Half Proficient in Math, English

Montana released test scores yesterday for students in third through eighth grade and the results once again highlight Denise Juneau’s failed record as State Superintendent:

  • Only 41 percent of Montana students are proficient in math
  • Fewer than half of our students are proficient in English

This comes after last year’s horrible news that showed test scores declined significantly for fourth and eighth graders in math and reading compared to prior years.

Denise Juneau’s failed record should raise alarm bells, especially since she goes around touting herself as “one of the Common Core’s biggest supporters.”

And now you have Melissa Romano, another staunch Common Core liberal, running to be the next State Superintendent saying she will continue Denise Juneau’s legacy – her words, not ours.

See for yourself, Melissa Romano said: “plan on continuing Denise Juneau’s legacy,” and also declared: “I cannot wait to follow in Denise Juneau’s footsteps.”

For Melissa Romano to want to follow in Denise Juneau’s footsteps – where less than half of our kids are proficient in math and reading – speaks volumes to the utter disaster she would be for our children’s education if she wins in November.

Republican Elsie Arntzen will be a strong advocate for our kids, parents, schools and teachers as our next State Superintendent. She gets it: Montana students come first. Elsie will make sure they get the best possible education – where all Montana kids can read, write and do math.

The Juneau, Bullock Campaign Strategy: Lie to Win

Dishonest Denise is so desperate to win in November she has resorted to repeatedly telling outright lies about Ryan Zinke’s public lands record. Don’t expect Denise Juneau to apologize for her misleading claims at her public lands rally this morning. These false attacks from Dishonest Denise, Governor Bullock, and the Montana Democrat Party are all they have to offer because they believe they can only win by deceiving and lying to voters about their opponent’s record.

Independent Fact Checkers looked into Denise Juneau’s dishonest statements and concluded: “Juneau’s claim is false. The bill that Zinke voted for does not authorize the sale of any federal lands.

Then the Billings Gazette investigated Denise Juneau’s outrageous claims and discovered them to be: “A false attack … misses the mark … Zinke neither voted to sell off nor transfer Montana’s public lands.”

Juneau knows she’s been caught in a lie – Calls from the Billings Gazette to explain herself and why she would so blatantly lie have gone unanswered.

Now, Bullock and his dark money allies are making similar, completely false attacks against Greg Gianforte on his public lands and stream access record.

The truth is: Montana Democrats are the ones who sold-off Montana’s public lands and blocked access: Bullock voted to sell-off thousands of acres of public lands alongside Denise Juneau and is working to shut down access at Hell Creek, Denise Juneau voted to sell more than 7,000 acres of public lands to private landowners, and even Schweitzer blocked public lands access near his home at Mullan Pass.

Just like Dishonest Denise, Governor Bullock spreads these false attacks because he wants Montanans to be distracted from his failed record:

  • Montana ranks 49th in the nation in salaries, and wages for Montana millennials are dead last in the country.
  • Nearly 800 Montana jobs have been lost in our coal and timber industries in the past year alone.
  • Bullock has also blocked the creation of thousands of Montana jobs and 7,000 Montana jobs are expected to be lost in the coming years because of his job-killing energy agenda.

Denise Juneau, Governor Bullock, and the Montana Democrat Party don’t share Montana values – not when they speak such untruthful statements they know to be false and that have been repeatedly debunked.

Juneau and Bullock think nothing of their actions and their deceit will only worsen as the election grows near. Montanans deserve so much better then to be misled by these dishonest career politicians.