Chairman’s Report – November 2016

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The dust is now settling on one of the most successful elections for the Montana Republican Party in modern times. I want to report what we accomplished, who we all want to thank for their contributions of time and treasure, and what our plans are for the future. Statewide –…

Dirk Sandefur: Self-Declared Dem, Backed By Dem Party & Special Interests

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Montanans want an independent voice on the Montana Supreme Court – not one tied to a political party or special interests. Dirk Sandefur proudly boasts: “I am and always have been a nonpartisan candidate. My record reflects that. My fundraising efforts reflect that.” The truth is, Dirk Sandefur is lying…

Essmann Sends Letters to McCulloch, Keenan on Ballot Safety Concerns

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Helena, MT  – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party sent separate letters today to Secretary of State Linda McCulloch and Executive Director of the Montana Democrat Party Nancy Keenan following disturbing reports confirming that strangers, at least one of whom was linked to the  Montana Democrat Party are…

Republican Chairman Responds to MTDEMS Mail Ballot Collection Scandal

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Livingston, MT – The Chairman of the Montana Republican Party Jeff Essmann stood in front of the Park County Courthouse today and condemned the unethical practices by the Montana Democrat Party of asking voters if they could turn in their ballots for them and then surveying them on how they…

MTDEMS Funding Hillary’s Gun Control Campaign Ads

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In her latest campaign ads, Hillary Clinton is calling for ‘commonsense gun laws.’ This is code for: More gun control. You know who’s partially funding Hillary’s ads? The Montana Democrat Party. This should hardly come as a surprise, and simply reinforces the point that there’s no difference between where Hillary…

Melissa Romano No-Show at Frenchtown Education Forum

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Melissa Romano was a no-show yesterday at a school-centered candidate forum at Frenchtown High School. Here was an event that brought together the community council, school board trustees, and the district’s superintendent to discuss education and the challenges we face. It’s a wonder why Melissa Romano couldn’t be bothered to…

Follow the Money: Bullock Will Shut Down ALL of Colstrip

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When you hear Governor Bullock talk about standing up and defending Montana jobs, it amounts to nothing more than the political doublespeak you would expect from a career politician. You just have to follow the money to see who Governor Bullock is beholden to … The fringe enviro groups that…

Add Melissa Romano to List of MTDEMS Dodging Debates

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Another candidate forum, another Montana Democrat not showing up … Melissa Romano, the liberal candidate running to be the next State Superintendent, declined an invitation to show up at a candidate forum later today in Seeley Lake. Yet, another staunch liberal who can’t handle the public scrutiny of their record….

Helena IR: Monica Lindeen’s No Show At Candidate Forum ‘Disrespectful’

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The Helena IR did not have kind words for Monica Lindeen today saying it was ‘disrespectful’ of her to not show up at a candidate forum after confirming she would be there. The editorial board noted that Monica Lindeen didn’t even bother to give much of an explanation and her…

Lindeen No Show At Debate After Calling Premium Increases ‘Too Low’

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Monica Lindeen exercised bad judgement when she was a no-show at Seeley Lake this past Monday despite agreeing to face off against Corey Stapleton in a candidate forum on the Secretary of State’s race. Her abrupt decision to cancel on this debate comes days after she called Montana’s health care…

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