Zinke Proven Leader for Montana

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann released the following statement tonight after the Congressional debate between Congressman Zinke and Denise Juneau in Billings:

“Congressman Zinke proved he has the leadership and experience to best represent Montanans. He sets aside politics to do what’s right for Montana and that makes him the strong and courageous leader we expect in our elected officials. Whether serving as our Congressman or as a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Congressman Zinke will always protect, defend, and fight for our Montana way of life.”

“Denise Juneau showed she would rather stand by her liberal values than do what’s right for Montana: Denise Juneau brought us Common Core – with results showing that fewer than half of Montana students are proficient in reading, writing and math – she voted against creating thousands of high-paying Montana jobs, and she believes in restricting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only thing Denise Juneau proved tonight is that she doesn’t represent our Montana values.”


Chairman Essmann on Montana’s Primary Election Results

Helena, MT Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today on Montana’s primary election results:

This Republican ticket is a team who won’t stop fighting until we bring high-paying jobs and greater opportunities to all Montanans. Now is the time for Montana to shake off the doldrums imposed by stagnant wages and the lack of leadership from career politicians so all Montanans from every walk of life can be better off.”

A Republican team that unites behind our core platform of job creation, lower and simpler taxes, greater business growth and innovation, reducing burdensome regulations, and respecting the freedom and rights of individuals will bring all of us a better future.”

As Republicans look toward November, we must all work together if we are going to be successful in sweeping every statewide race and enacting policies that can better the lives of every Montanan. Now is the time to unite and support our great team of Republican leaders and defeat the stale protectors of a failed status quo.”

The Montana Republican Ticket: Ryan Zinke for United States Representative; Greg Gianforte and Lesley Robinson for Governor and Lt. Governor; Tim Fox for Attorney General; Corey Stapleton for Secretary of State; Elsie Arntzen for State Superintendent; and Matt Rosendale for State Auditor.

Chairman Essmann Statement on the Passing of Senator Conrad Burns

Helena, MT- Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party expressed his sorrow at the news that former Senator Conrad Burns passed away Thursday afternoon:

“Conrad loved his adopted home state of Montana and Montana Republicans loved him and his wonderful wife Phyllis. When talking about Montana, Conrad always said he got here as fast as he could. We will miss him deeply now that he is no longer with us.”

“Senator Burns was very committed to the success of Montana and its people. He was a colorful figure who loved people, politics, and to serve. He brought a common man, common sense approach to his work in the Senate and returned to his home in Billings when his work was done.”

“Conrad always worked to unite and strengthen the Montana Republican Party. The last time I saw him was just a couple of weeks ago at an event for all our statewide candidates, loyal right up to the end, supporting the cause. I offer my sincerest condolences to Phyllis and the Burns family. The thoughts of many Montanans are with them.”

Chairman Essmann Statement on MTGOP’s Motion to Dismiss Closed Primary Lawsuit

HELENA, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann issued the following statement on the Montana Republican Party’s recent decision to dismiss the closed primary lawsuit:

The Executive Board of the Montana Republican Party, after much discussion and deliberation, passed a motion to direct Jim Brown, the attorney representing the State Party, to seek to dismiss the case challenging the constitutionality of the Montana open primary law.

The board’s decision was to dismiss the case without prejudice which would not prevent future legal review of the issue if a legislative resolution of the issue does not occur in the meantime,” said Chairman Essmann. “We hope that all parties to the matter will agree that there is no need for the expense of a trial to be incurred at this point.

Based on the prior rulings of the court denying the parties constitutional arguments, the attorney for the State Party and the attorney for the 10 County Republican Central Committees agreed that the likelihood of success at trial was low.

An important factor in the discussion was the presence of a similar case brought by the Hawaii Democrat Party challenging the Hawaii open primary law that is also pending in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Montana Republican Party will have the ability to file a supportive friend of the court brief as the Hawaii case proceeds.

Chairman Essmann Statement on Elsie Arntzen Run for OPI

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the MTGOP released the following statement today on Senator Elsie Arntzen’s decision to file for State Superintendent:

“Elsie is an incredibly strong candidate and I’m thrilled that she is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. She has spent over 23 years working as a teacher and is committed to making sure our kids have the best possible education. Montanans will have a voice in Elsie to make sure parents and our local communities are in charge of our kids’ education– not bureaucrats in Washington D.C.”

“Elsie’s conservative values and her promise to bring Montana-made solutions to our education needs make her a strong advocate for our parents and kids.”

“Montanans can’t trust their kids’ education with Melissa Romano who has basked in the praise of President Obama and Common Core. Melissa is someone who believes Washington D.C. bureaucrats know what’s best for our kids. I’m glad we have Elsie in this race because she is someone all Montanans can trust and who will always fight to put Montana students and parents first– not the federal government.”


Chairman Essmann Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Blocking Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regulations

Helena, MT –  Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party today released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to block implementation of President Obama and the EPA’s Costly Power Plan until the litigation is resolved in court:

“Attorney General Tim Fox achieved a critical victory today against President Obama’s War on Coal with the Supreme Court deciding to halt implementation of the Costly Power Plan until the legal battle is resolved. I thank Tim for taking the fight to Obama and the EPA and for defending the thousands of good-paying Montana jobs that will be lost if these job-killing energy regulations aren’t stopped dead in their tracks. I’m glad we have a leader like Tim on our side working to end this threat.”

“The Supreme Court’s stay stops Obama’s vast overreach and highlights the need for a Republican Governor who will not hesitate to fight for these Montana jobs– not find ways to comply with Obama’s job-killing energy regulations. We need a Republican Governor who will stand with Montana workers and their families– not with Obama and the EPA.”


Chairman Essmann Statement on Matt Rosendale’s Run for State Auditor

Helena, MT – Chairman of the Montana Republican Party Jeff Essmann released the following statement today on Senate Majority Leader Matt Rosendale’s decision to run for State Auditor:

“I’m really excited and proud of Matt for deciding to run for State Auditor. He’s a trusted and true conservative and is a strong candidate for this office. While Jesse Laslovich has lobbied to impose Obamacare on Montana families, Matt can be counted on to put the interests of Montana families first and is committed to bettering their lives. Matt is someone Montanans can always count on to be on their side.”

“Matt will continue to lead the fight against Obamacare in the State Auditor’s office and he will bring accountability to this office. Obamacare has greatly harmed our families by forcing ever increasing health care premiums on them– despite promises from both Obama and Jesse that premiums would be reduced.  Matt will work to open up our health insurance market and will be a voice for all Montanans as he fights against government-run health care and works towards health care solutions. You look at Jesse’s time in government and he epitomizes the definition of a career politician. It’s clear that Jesse is committed to being part of the bureaucracy.”

Matt is a family man, rancher, real-estate developer, and serves as Majority Leader in the Montana Senate representing SD-18 from Glendive.


Chairman Essmann Statement on AG Tim Fox’s Re-Election

Helena, Montana – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party issued the following statement today after Attorney General Tim Fox filed for re-election:

“I believe having a strong Republican leader in the Attorney General’s office has had a positive impact for Montana and the country and is essential in order to protect our economy. Montana needs Attorney General Tim Fox to keep fighting against the Obama administration’s vast overreach and protect us from the abuse of power we have seen from this lawless president. You can always count on Tim to defend our property, our guns, and our way of life, and to fight for hardworking Montanans.”

“Tim has stood up and defended Montanans from President Obama’s unconstitutional water power grab- threatening the rights of farmers, ranchers, and all property owners- successfully pushed back against Obama’s ammo ban, achieved a critical victory against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, and is currently fighting President Obama and the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations that threaten to bring great devastation and harm to Montana workers, families, and communities.”

“We need Tim in the Attorney General’s office now more than ever to continue the fight against President Obama and all assaults from the progressive liberal agenda that threatens our Montana way of life.”


Chairman Essmann on Greg Gianforte’s Run for Governor

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today after Greg Gianforte announced he’s running for Governor:

“Greg enters the race for Governor as a successful businessman who grew his small hi-tech startup into Bozeman’s largest commercial employer and created hundreds of good, high-paying Montana jobs. Greg joins our impressive slate of strong conservative leaders running for statewide and federal office who are fighting to better the lives of hardworking Montanans.”

I am confident that the Republican nominee for Governor will go on to defeat Governor Bullock in November because Bullock has failed to lead on the critical issues facing Montanans. Under Bullock’s leadership, Montana continues to rank 49th in incomes which forces too many of our kids to leave home to find a decent job and raise their family. The livelihoods of thousands of Montana workers and their families are threatened by Obama’s job-killing energy agenda and Bullock is failing to fully stand up and defend these Montana jobs. Lastly, Bullock’s liberal record prioritizes more government– not creating good, high-paying Montana jobs and expanding opportunities for Montana workers and families.”

“Bullock’s campaign slogan should be: ‘Government First– Montana Workers Last.’”

“One advantage for Bullock’s re-election chances is that he spent the last two years as Chairman and Finance Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), jet-setting to out-of-state fundraisers raising millions of dollars of corporate cash and dark money for his own political benefit. It’s only a matter of time until this money finds its way into Montana to boost his re-election. Montanans deserve to know why Bullock spent so much time decrying and claiming to fight the influence of corporate cash and dark money in our elections, and then tried to hide his efforts raising that very same money. Bullock says one thing but does the other when he thinks Montanans aren’t looking. That’s not what Montanans want in the way of honest leadership.”


MTGOP Chairman Essmann Statement on Juneau Run

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today on Montana Democrat Denise Juneau’s decision to run for the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Denise Juneau is a classic example of a career politician in desperate need of employment by the government. Juneau’s time as a bureaucrat in Helena has been marked by implementing Common Core in Montana and taking away the rights of parents to decide what’s best for our children’s educational needs.”

“Juneau also worked aggressively to re-elect President Obama and aligns herself with the nationwide liberal agenda that has wreaked havoc on our families who continue to suffer from a weak economy and lack of good-paying jobs. Montanans don’t deserve to be burdened by Juneau’s liberal agenda.”

“Montanans deserve a proven leader like Congressman Ryan Zinke who fights every day to better the lives and protect Montanans just as he fought to defend and protect this nation as a U.S. Navy SEAL.”