Bullocks Talks National Security, Still Backs Obama’s Un-Vetted Refugee Policy

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Governor Bullock decided to wade into the national security screening debate but still refuses to call on President Obama to protect Montanans with an enhanced background check system for un-vetted refugees.

In fact, “[Governor Bullock] said he won’t block any Syrian refugees” from being relocated here.

If Bullock truly wants to enhance our national security then why isn’t he demanding all refugees that come into this country go under proper background checks?

Why is Bullock not resisting efforts by Obama to relocate un-vetted refugees here?

55 Montana Legislators wrote a letter to Governor Bullock calling on him to block or resist any efforts by Obama to relocate un-vetted Syrian refugees to Montana.

Senator Daines and Congressman Zinke wrote a letter to Governor Bullock asking him to block Syrian refugees– who aren’t properly vetted– from being relocated to Montana.

Over 30 Governors have taken steps to protect their residents from Obama’s dangerous decision to allow un-vetted refugees to relocate to their home state without proper background checks.

You can take action by signing this petition today so we can send a united message to Governor Bullock and President Obama that we don’t want un-vetted refugees– who may be potential terrorists– coming into the U.S. and being relocated to Montana.

If Bullock wants to take action to protect our safety then he should listen to Montanans and our elected leaders and fight back against Obama’s belief that un-vetted refugees should be relocated here.

It’s time for Bullock to put the safety and security of Montanans first.

P.S. Please ask your friends to sign this petition to tell Governor Bullock and President Obama they must not let un-vetted refugees into this country.

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