Bullock’s Rough Week Indeed | Montana Standard Blasts Bullock for Refusing to Talk

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The Montana Standard is having none of Governor Bullock’s refusal to answer questions about the falling out between him and the Lt. Gov. nearly three weeks after her abrupt departure.

The Montana Standard blasted Bullock for not providing straightforward answers about this situation. They wrote, “The refusal to answer direct questions in matters important to Montana citizens is troubling,” and noted that when it comes to Bullock telling the truth, “The answers have been sparse and sideways.”

They know something isn’t adding up here and have called on Bullock to tell Montanans the truth about what really happened.

This brutal editorial comes on the heels of Bullock cancelling his appearance on Voices of Montana (VOM) yesterday after his own Communications Director called-in to say that Bullock was having a “rough week” and wouldn’t be able to make it on the show.

Bullock also faced pushback on Wednesday from a Lee Newspapers editor who called-out Bullock for not telling Montanans the full story on the falling out: “There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap … there’s something else there.

Rough week indeed.

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