Bullock’s Mismanagement of State Finances Grows

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Governor Bullock is struggling to properly manage Montana’s tax dollars. It has been reported that the Bullock administration made overpayments to SNAP recipients and “the error rate in Montana’s food stamp program rose last year to more than twice the national average.”

The federal government is now going to have to spend over $100,000 to fix the Bullock administration’s errors.

Bullock responded to his administration’s errors by calling it, “unacceptable.”  Where have we heard this before?

Several weeks ago, it was reported the Bullock administration mismanaged our bookkeeping and almost cost the state millions when auditors found 125 significant accounting errors.

Bullock’s response then? He called it … “unacceptable.”

Montanans are still waiting for Governor Bullock to take responsibility for his administration’s incompetence. In fact, no one has been held accountable. No one has been fired. The Bullock administration is all too content providing one excuse after another as they work to downplay their accounting debacle:

  • Bullock’s budget director called these 125 significant accounting errors a “fluke” and “simple.”
  • The state accountant who oversaw the department responsible for these significant accounting errors was just transferred to work in another department.

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