Bullock Won’t Say He Supports Lawsuit to Protect Montana Coal Workers

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Governor Bullock refuses to directly support the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Tim Fox on Friday to protect our coal workers and families from President Obama and the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations. 

Bullock didn’t directly say whether he supports the lawsuit. (KXLH, 10/23/2015)

Governor Bullock had the opportunity on Friday to prove he is willing to fight for the livelihoods of our coal workers and their families but he won’t say if he supports this lawsuit. Bullock’s silence marks a long standing pattern of failing to stand up and protect these family wage jobs. The Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations threaten to eliminate thousands of good-paying Montana jobs and raise electricity prices on our families.

You should also know that Bullock’s appointees to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality recently rejected a coal jobs project. Bullock’s appointees blocked the responsible development of our energy resources that would have created jobs and provided affordable and reliable energy to our families.

This past August, Bullock was nowhere to be found when Montana coal workers and their families rallied in Billings to defend and protect their livelihoods. Testimonials were heard that exposed Bullock for not fighting back against these harmful regulations. One witness said Bullock “rolled his eyes” when they discussed the importance of coal to our economy and our families.

Bullock is making misleading claims that the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations won’t impact our coal industry but the Corette power plant in Billings was forced to shut down this year because of these harmful regulations.

Don’t be fooled by any of Bullock’s attempts to appear to fight for our coal workers and their families. Bullock has cast his bidding in support of Obama’s War on Coal. If Bullock is re-elected he will sell out our coal workers and their families to appease the liberal agenda and the fringe enviro groups who fund his campaigns.

Montana is on the front lines in the War on Coal. These job-killing energy regulations threaten to impact nine Montana coal plans, including Colstrip. If Obama, Bullock, and their fringe enviro groups aren’t stopped they will wreak havoc on our economy and the livelihoods of thousands of hardworking Montana families.

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