Bullock VETOED Bill to Protect Us From Obama’s Firearm Power Grab

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Governor Bullock responded to President Obama’s illegal firearm power grab by saying it’s “too important for the president to circumvent Congress with the stroke of a pen.”

Bullock is trying to have it both ways. Bullock was given the opportunity to protect Montanans’ Second Amendment rights but instead VETOED legislation that would have prevented Montana from enforcing a firearm power grab, like the one announced by Obama earlier this week.

When Bullock VETOED the legislation he called it “completely unnecessary.” 

The legislation would have protected Montanans from Obama’s recent firearm power grab and any future federal firearm ban from a constitutionally ignorant president or by legislation from a Democrat-controlled Congress.

The legislation defined a federal ban as a “federal law or executive order enacted or signed on or after January 1, 2015, that prohibits, restricts, or requires individual licensure for ownership, possession, transfer, or use of any firearm.

Obama’s power grab restricts Montanans’ access to firearms because it requires nearly universal background checks and “applies to anyone ‘in the business’ of selling firearms”– including private sales between family and friends.

Bullock owes Montanans an explanation as to why he VETOED legislation that protects Montanans’ Second Amendment rights. Bullock’s not committed to defending Montanans’ right to keep and bear arms. This November we have an opportunity to elect a Republican Governor who will stand with our Republican elected officials and protect Montanans’ from this assault on our way of life.


Bullock VETOED HB 203 in 2015 and a nearly identical bill HB 302 in 2013 that prevents enforcement of a federal ban or restriction on access to firearms.

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