Bullock Shrugs Off Loss of 7,000 Montana Jobs as Congress Blocks Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regs

The Republican-led Congress passed two bills to block implementation of Obama’s job-killing energy regulations on existing and new coal power plants– protecting Montana jobs and the livelihoods of our workers and families.

It’s absolutely critical we stop Obama’s regulations that will cripple our economy and eliminate thousands of Montana jobs. A recent report from the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found these regulations will shut down the Colstrip power plant and eliminate over 7,000 good-paying Montana jobs.

The report described these regulations as, “The most significant economic event to occur in Montana in more than 30 years.”

The report also concluded that Montana will lose $1.5 billion in economy activity and we will see nearly a $200 million reduction in state and local tax revenue.

Governor Bullock outright dismissed this report sayinghe did not agree” with these findings and commented that it’s “(not) the only window.”

For Bullock to shrug off this report shows a complete lack of will to fight back against Obama’s job-killing energy regulations, and highlights the need for a Republican Governor who will actually stand up and fight for our workers and families.

Bullock has surrendered to Obama as he refuses to join the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Tim Fox to protect our good-paying Montana jobs, and remains silent on the recent legislation passed by Congress to permanently stop Obama’s regulations.

When Bullock is done complying with Obama’s job-killing energy regulations, what will he say to the 7,000 Montana workers who lose their jobs? How are they going to survive and provide for their families? How will our communities survive without critical funding from our clean coal?

You should also know, Senator Tester voted against both bills in Congress that protect our workers– confirming once again, that he will prioritize Obama’s extreme liberal agenda even when Montana stands to lose thousands of good-paying jobs.

I’m proud of our Montana Republican leaders who are standing up and fighting back against Obama’s assault on our way of life. Senator Daines and Congressman Zinke both voted in support of the two bills to protect our good-paying jobs, affordable electricity prices, and the livelihoods of our workers, families, and communities. Attorney General Tim Fox is taking the fight to Obama and the EPA by filing a lawsuit to stop these job-killing energy regulations from being implemented in Montana.

We can still stop President Obama and Governor Bullock from crippling our economy and eliminating thousands of jobs. If we elect a Republican Governor and a Republican President next year– alongside our Republican elected officials– we can undue Obama’s job-killing energy regulations and protect all these good-paying Montana jobs. All hope is not lost.