Bullock Shows True Colors, Hosts Anti-Coal Dark Money Fundraiser

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Governor Bullock will host a dark money fundraiser in Big Sky this weekend with special guest Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a man hell-bent on phasing out his state’s access to Montana’s affordable coal-generated electricity and who is actively working to shut down Colstrip.

In fact, a bill sits on the Washington Gov.’s desk awaiting his signaturewhich he is on record supporting– that will end his state’s use of all coal-generated electricity from Colstrip. With Colstrip being a major supplier of affordable electricity to 1.5 million Washington customers, this bill will move Colstrip one step closer to shuttering its doors.

Bullock’s prioritizing campaign money over Montana workers by fundraising with Governor Inslee. Bullock’s association with Inslee proves he would rather take money from this anti-coal crusader then defend and fight for our workers. Montanans can’t trust Bullock to protect their jobs when he’s raising money from this job-killing, anti-coal Governor.

Bullock and Inslee’s War On Coal will devastate Montana: 7,000 workers will be out of a job, our economy will take a $1.5 billion hit, and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue will be eliminated– this is critical money that funds infrastructure and school projects for our local communities and Tribal Nations.

It’s no coincidence Bullock teamed-up with the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) to host this dark money fundraiser– this is the same group he worked at for the last 2 years raising and spending millions in dark money to influence elections.

Bullock’s showing his true colors with his anti-coal, dark money fundraiser. All Montana workers should be asking themselves how they can count on Bullock to defend their jobs when he’s raising enormous sums of money with a Governor who wants to end the use of coal, kill our jobs, and wreak havoc on our economy.

P.S. – You too can join Governor Bullock this weekend in Big Sky if you are willing to pay $250,000 to become a Founder’s Circle member or if you can’t afford that, you can pay $100,000 to be a Chairman’s Board member. Your donations to Bullock will remain anonymous– Montanans will never know the source or amount of dark money you contributed to Bullock’s re-election campaign.

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