Bullock Shows Lack of Leadership on Obama’s Job-Killing Coal Lease Moratorium

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Time and time again, Governor Bullock refuses to stand up and fight for Colstrip and Montana jobs …

Last week, despite being invited to provide testimony, the Bullock administration ‘did not send anyone to speak in support of critical legislation that protects Montana coal jobs from President Obama’s recent job-killing coal lease moratorium.

Yesterday, Bullock had an assistant deliver a weak message at another coal hearing on this issue and it was a slap in the face to folks in Colstrip and working men and women all across Montana. Instead, he released an “energy plan” 4 years too late that neither saves Colstrip nor protects Montana jobs.

If you recall, Bullock was also a no-show at a coal lease moratorium hearing in Billings last August– abandoning our coal workers in time of need.

Now, Bullock claims to oppose Obama’s job-killing coal lease moratorium but when given opportunities to stand up to Obama he repeatedly cowers in defeat.

This is a pattern of Bullock paying lip service to Montana coal workers but failing to take concrete action to protect their jobs.

Look to a few months ago when Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project, refusing to issue permits– blocking the creation of 4,400 high-paying Montana jobs.

And, the job-killing energy agenda that Obama, Hillary, and Bullock are relentless in pursuing in the name of climate change threatens to shut down Colstrip and eliminate 7,000 Montana jobs.

Their radical environmental agenda will have no impact on global carbon emissions– a statement made by Obama’s former EPA administrator– but will put thousands of Montanans out of work.

This isn’t the kind of leadership Montanans deserve. Greg Gianforte will always fight and protect Montana jobs. You can trust Greg Gianforte to fight for the livelihoods of Montana workers and their families.

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