Bullock No Show on VOM; Lee Editor Thinks Bullock’s Hiding Something

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Governor Bullock cancelled his appearance on Voices of Montana (VOM) this morning after his Communications Director called in to say he was having a rough week.”

No kidding. Bullock’s former Lt. Gov. suddenly and unexpectedly resigned over two weeks ago and speculation continues to swirl over what really happened between her and the Governor. So far, Bullock has avoided telling Montanans the truth about what led to their falling out.

What’s also strange about Bullock’s cancellation on VOM this morning is that for most of this week he was on a “whirlwind tour of the state with meetings scheduled with six members of the media, mostly newspapers and radio.” So, Bullock had no problem meeting with a number of other Montana media outlets this week but then decided to cancel on Voices of Montana this morning? It’s strange.

Maybe the walls are closing in on Governor Bullock …

Bullock sat down with the Editorial Boards of the Independent Record and Montana Standard yesterday and spent most of his time dodging questions and avoiding explaining what led to the complete breakdown between him and his former Lt. Gov.

One of the editors pushed back on Bullock for not being forthcoming about the situation. The editor knew something wasn’t adding up and that Bullock wasn’t telling the full story: “There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap between her account of what took place and the fact that you felt her frustration was disruptive. I mean, there’s something else there.”

There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap … there’s something else there.

How can Montanans trust Bullock when he’s not being honest with them? What led to the falling out between Bullock and his former Lt. Gov.?

Montanans deserve to know the truth.

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