Bullock No Longer Standing by Juneau?

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Governor Bullock appears to no longer be standing by Congressional candidate Denise Juneau’s failed education record as he conceded yesterday that “challenges” exist on our “education front.”

Under Juneau’s failed leadership, our test scores have “decreased significantly,” but Juneau dismissed these concerns as a “one year of a decline in fourth-grade math.”

However, the Billings Gazette reported this was hardly a one year decline in fourth-grade math:

  • “In mathematics, fourth-grade scores decreased significantly compared to 2013 scores.
  • Scores for eighth-graders dropped for the second year in a row, a significant decrease compared to 2011 scores.”
  • “In Montana, scores in reading for eighth-graders dipped slightly from those in 2013 … but the eighth-grade drop was significant compared to scores in 2011.”

Unfortunately, you can’t convince a liberal ideologue like Juneau that Common Core has been a disaster for our kids …

Juneau is described as “one of the Common Core’s biggest supporters,” and praised herself for bringing Common Core to Montana as the “right thing to do.”

Juneau believes so wholeheartedly in Common Core that she can’t explain its opposition: “I don’t really know how to explain it … There is nothing to be fearful about the Common Core.”

Montana students’ education is suffering because of career politicians like Denise Juneau who are so blinded by their rigid, liberal Obama ideology that they can’t put our kid’s education before their own political ambition. Juneau believes central planners in D.C. should determine our kid’s education– not our parents and local communities who actually know what’s best for their kids. Juneau has failed us for bringing Common Core to Montana, and she will follow in lock-step with Obama’s liberal ideology if elected to Congress. Montanans deserve so much better.

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