Bullock Marches Forward with Obama’s War on Coal

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President Obama announced today even tougher EPA job-killing energy regulations that were designed with one purpose in mind: Shut down Montana’s coal industry.

These regulations mark the next battle in the War on Coal. Every Montanan should know that Governor Bullock supports the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations and is already moving forward with their implementation. These regulations will cripple our economy and eliminate thousands of good-paying Montana jobs.

Montana is on the front lines of the War on Coal yet Bullock sides with President Obama and the EPA on the battlefield– not Montana workers and their families,” said Jeff Essmann, Chairman of the Montana Republican Party. “Montanans deserve a Governor that will protect our energy industry and the thousands of good-paying jobs it supports.”

Both Bullock and Obama fail to understand how important Montana’s coal industry is to our economy, supporting thousands of good-paying Montana jobs, ensuring affordable electricity prices to our families, and providing tens of millions of dollars to our local schools and infrastructure each year.

All of this is threatened by Bullock’s support for the EPA’s job-killing energy regulations.

The real kicker here is that Montana’s coal plants are already more efficient than the rest of the country, and even President Obama’s former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson admitted, “U.S. action alone will not impact world CO2 levels.”

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