Bullock Lacks Know-How to Create High-Paying Jobs

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Since taking office, Governor Bullock has failed to address the crisis facing Montana: The lack of high-paying jobs available to our kids and workers. Central to fixing this problem is providing tax relief and supporting measures that will help improve Montana’s business climate.

It’s no secret: Bullock is bad for business. Bullock repeatedly VETOED tax relief bills that would have put more money in the pockets of workers, families and small businesses and will NOT eliminate the business equipment tax.

You may have heard about Bullock’s empty gestures to bring Facebook, Google and PayPal to Montana. Well, it will never happen unless we improve our business climate.

In fact, Facebook has even said the problem with doing business in Montana is the business equipment tax. [1:34]

Greg Gianforte supports tax relief and wants to eliminate the business equipment tax to help Montana’s business climate and create high-paying jobs.

Greg knows what it takes to do business in Montana and create high-paying Montana jobs because he’s done it here. Greg founded a start-up in his home and grew it into Bozeman’s largest commercial employer– creating over 500 high-paying Montana jobs.

Meanwhile, Bullock has left a terrible mark on Montana:  Nationwide, Montana ranks almost last in good jobs available, we are the 7th worst state to make a living, income for millennials ranks lowest in the country, and we rank near dead last in salaries– 49th in the nation!

This is a crisis. It’s essential Montana reduce its tax burden if we want to attract employers, help small businesses grow, and create more high-paying jobs.

Montanans deserve a Republican Governor who understands what it takes for businesses to succeed and knows how to create high-paying Montana jobs.

Bullock VETOES Tax Relief Bills

SB 171 | Comprehensive tax reform that reduces and simplifies Montana’s tax rates from 7 to 2 brackets and eliminates special interest loopholes (2015)

SB 200 | Lowers state income tax rates for all Montanans and reduces the capital gains tax to help small businesses grow and create more high-paying Montana jobs (2015)

HB 166 | Lowers state income tax rates for all Montanans  (2015)

SB 282 | Comprehensive tax reform that reduces rates for all Montanans and eliminates special interest loopholes (2013)

SB 394 | Provide a one-time tax cut to all Montanans (2013)

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