Bullock Abandons Workers, Surrenders to Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regulations

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Governor Bullock has surrendered to Obama’s job-killing energy regulations that threaten to eliminate thousands of Montana jobs and cut off tens of millions of dollars in critical funding for our communities. Bullock believes implementing Obama’s job-killing energy regulations “has to be done”– despite the great harm and devastation it will bring to our workers, their families, and our communities.

Worst of all, Bullock is more concerned about saving his own job than saving the jobs of thousands of Montana workers. Bullock has created an advisory council whose main goal is to delay Obama’s job-killing energy regulations until after his re-election campaign. 

  • The Clean Power Plan may be the single biggest threat to Bullock’s chances for re-election,” Carroll College political scientist Jeremy Johnson said Friday. (AP, 11/13/2015)
  • A close look at Bullock’s executive order shows that one of the council’s main duties is to justify requesting the two-year extension, which would allow Bullock to avoid releasing a plan at the peak of his re-election campaign. (AP, 11/13/2015)

This is politics at its worst. Bullock ducks for political cover instead of standing up and leading. Bullock should be ashamed that he won’t fight for every good-paying Montana job that exists because of our clean coal.

Obama’s job-killing energy regulations will impact nine Montana coal plants– including Colstrip- and the results will be devastating: Thousands of Montana workers will lose their jobs, electricity prices will rise for our families, and tens of millions of dollars that our communities depend on every year will dry up.

Don’t be fooled by Bullock’s talk of these job-killing energy regulations being a Montana solution– it’s an Obama solution that will wreak havoc on our livelihoods. Bullock has abandoned our workers, families, and communities to appease Obama.

Montanans deserve a Governor who will lead and fight every day to protect their jobs and livelihoods.

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