Bernie & Bullock’s Awkward Moment

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As liberals across the state welcome Bernie Sanders to Montana today they are almost guaranteed to hear Bernie rail against the evils of Wall Street and the influence of corporate special interest money in our elections.

With Bernie’s crusade against corporate special interests, you might think he’s found an ally in Governor Bullock, who never misses an opportunity to tout his work leading the fight against unlimited corporate cash and dark money in our political system:

  • Bullock bragged about taking the “fight against corporate influence. (Great Falls Tribune, 11/21/2014)
  • “I don’t think there’s any governor in the country that’s fought harder to make sure our elections didn’t have corporate dollars in them.” (Great Falls Tribune, 02/22/2015)
  • We should have elections, not auctions. We should have public servants – not elected officials beholden to some special interest and their secret money. (State of the State, 01/28/2015)

Well, Bernie’s in for a rude awakening when he finds out that Bullock sold himself out to the corporate special interests– raising tens of millions of dollars in corporate and dark money and exploiting loopholes to funnel this money into Montana– in an all-out effort to save his re-election campaign:

  • Bullock’s exploiting contribution limits to launder corporate and dark money into his campaign.
  • Bullock raised $30 million– mostly from corporate donations– last year as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA).
  • Bullock raised $5 million in dark money while serving as DGA Chair.
  • Bullock has taken almost $80,000 in special-interest PAC money.

For all Bullocks’ anti-corporate rhetoric, he has cozied up real close to the corporate special interests. Bernie wouldn’t be too proud of Bullock if he knew how he conducts himself behind closed doors. Bullock has put his trust in the hands of the corporate special interests– not Montanans.

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