After week-long absence is Bullock finally ready to do his job?

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Governor Bullock returned to Montana yesterday from his dark money fundraisers after a nearly week-long absence that included getaways to Texas, Las Vegas, and NYC.

Bullock’s absence for most of last week was quite unusual given the news that his own former Lt. Gov. suddenly resigned over a “falling out”- raising questions if Bullock was dodging reporters …

Bullock camped out in Texas for the beginning of last week before returning to Montana for a day or so.

When Bullock was briefly in Montana, he decided it wasn’t worth showing up at the Montana Grain Growers Association Conference in Great Falls despite being in Great Falls on that very same day.  Apparently, Bullock didn’t think attending this agricultural event was that important.

Bullock then hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for a retreat at the Four Seasons resort, where he decided to wade into the national security debate over the best way to protect Montanans. Yet, Bullock had nothing to say about his support for Obama’s plan to relocate un-vetted refugees here. Remember, Bullock “won’t block any Syrian refugees” that want to re-settle in Montana.

To cap off the week, Bullock jet-setted to the Big Apple to attend one of the Democratic Governors Association’s (DGA) biggest dark money fundraisers of the year.

While reports confirmed Bullock’s attendance, he masked his dark money travels as “DGA officials didn’t confirm Monday which fundraising events Bullock attended while he was in New York for the annual meeting.”

Bullock put quite the price tag on the cost of attending his dark money events.

One event–  attending the New York Jets-Giants game on Sunday– required donors to fork over to the “DGA at least $250,000 to get into the fundraiser.”

Not to worry, if you couldn’t afford Bullock’s $250,000 price tag there were other dark money events you could attend- ranging from a mere $10,000 to $100,000. These dark money events included a “Late Night with the DGA” at the Diamond Horseshoe Club in the Times Square area and a VIP Reception & Holiday Party at the Gotham Hall on Broadway.

One can only image how much dark money Bullock brought in for his re-election next year with this NYC trip …

From what reports have confirmed, Bullock has amassed over a $3 million dark money war-chest during the first 6 months of the year and likely raised millions more in dark money during the remainder of the year.

Now that Bullock has finally returned to Montana, we hope he can set aside his need for dark money and do his job as Governor, and also find a new Lt. Gov. …

P.S. – We hope Bullock didn’t forget his duffel bags full of dark money at the Helena airport like he did last year. Yikes!

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