Add Melissa Romano to List of MTDEMS Dodging Debates

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Another candidate forum, another Montana Democrat not showing up …

Melissa Romano, the liberal candidate running to be the next State Superintendent, declined an invitation to show up at a candidate forum later today in Seeley Lake.

Yet, another staunch liberal who can’t handle the public scrutiny of their record.

Let’s begin with Romano’s involvement with a national Common Core working group, where she gave full authority to un-elected bureaucrats and special interest groups in Washington D.C. to write our kids’ curriculum and to decide how and what subjects should be taught in our schools.

Romano even goes so far as to describe herself as a ‘huge Common Core advocate.’ [5:55]

She speaks ‘enthusiastically’ about Common Core and its top-down approach – taking away local control to give more control to DC bureaucrats and the special interests.

Romano fundamentally opposes local control in our education system saying she ‘disagreed with the idea that school districts need more local control.’

Her belief system tells her that Washington D.C. bureaucrats and special interest groups know what’s best for our kids – not Montana parents, teachers, and schools.

These D.C. special interests dictating our Montana education standards are spending six figures to prop up Melissa Romano’s “Made-In Washington D.C.” campaign.

To top it all off, she has promised to continue current State Superintendent Denise Juneau’s legacy. Well, given that over half our students are NOT proficient in math and English that’s not a legacy anyone should be proud of.

Melissa Romano can’t put Montana students first when she’s a cheerleader for Common Core, opposes local control, believes a top-down approach is the solution to our education challenges, and is funded by D.C. special interest groups.  

Melissa Romano now joins Monica Lindeen to the list of Montana Democrats who won’t show up to debate their Republican counterparts, and, don’t forget that Governor Bullock decided NOT to participate in gubernatorial debates in Eastern Montana and the Flathead. These Montana Democrats are dodging debates because they don’t want to be held accountable for their failed record and for their refusal to fight for Montanans.

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