Tester’s Support for Iran Deal Means …

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Senator Tester voted again to block an up-or-down vote on President Obama’s Iran Deal today. This comes on the heels of Tester’s vote last week when he refused to allow the deal be brought up for debate. Tester stands against the strong majority of Montanans who oppose the Iran Deal. You can’t trust Tester because he sold out the safety and security of our county when he supported the Iran Deal. Tester has lost all perspective on our national security trusting Iran when they are the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, lie about their nuclear program, and continue to threaten the U.S. and Israel.

Senator Tester’s Support for Iran Deal Means:

  • U.S. will help protect Iran’s nuclear facilities from potential attacks
  • Iranian inspectors– not the international community– investigate suspected nuclear facilities
  • No anywhere, anytime inspections; Iran gets 24 days to delay inspections, which is enough time for them to clean-up the suspected nuclear site. When inspectors do arrive, it will be Iranians who investigate the site
  • Iran will get access to over $100 billion in frozen assets; allowing them to fund terrorism worldwide and threaten our safety and security

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