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Bullock’s Hypocrisy, Denials, & Broken Promises, Oh My!

Written by Administrator.

As Chair of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), Bullock is raising undisclosed and unlimited corporate cash- the same corporate cash he once condemned and fought against.

Bullock is even denying that his role as DGA Chair is to raise undisclosed and unlimited corporate cash- when that’s exactly what his job is about. 

Before Bullock was Chair of the DGA, he was in charge of their “major donor program”– which gave him access to out-of-state donors and corporations. 

Bullock has already benefited from the DGA’s cash when they gave over $2.8 million to JETPAC, which “worked to get Bullock elected” during the 2012 election. 

Bullock promises to tell Montanans where all this undisclosed and unlimited corporate cash is coming from but then refuses to keep his promise.

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